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Weight Loss Made Easy- 3 weight loss Protocols

May 15, 2018

Weight Loss Made Easy- 3 weight loss Protocols

Intermittent and extended fasting protocol for women and Men.

After a years’ worth of research, it seems this fasting protocol along with combining ketogenic meals (high good fats, moderate protein, low carbs) works for both of us to keep us losing body fat and to add lean muscle, we are doing 75% high good fats, 20% moderate protein, 5% carbs.

The biggest mistake I see when someone decide to try the ketogenic meals, they over eat animal meat proteins, or over eat when it comes to proteins, there portions per sitting are large, overly eating proteins per sitting will slow your weight loss down and even add fat.
If you are going to have animal meat for your last meal of the day, kept it to 3.5 oz, or the size of the palm of your hand, that is about 21 grams of protein, if having eggs, kept it to 3 whole eggs, maybe 2 slices of bacon. If we snack, sometimes I will make my devils keto eggs, I will have 2 of them an hour or so before my last meal of the night.

When doing intermittent and extended fasting food does matter when coming off a fast, we are looking to lose that body fat asap right, why do people still lose weight when they come off of a fast and never worry about what they eat (processed foods or fast foods) that shows how flexible it is, it will even work when you eat unhealthy during your eating window, the problem with that is, your weight loss will be much slower, let’s do it healthy, loss the weight faster.

You want to come off your fasting easy, you do not want your first meal of the day be a massive amount of solid foods, your stomach is not ready for that, you have not eaten for a certain amount of time, you need to prime your stomach first, activate the stomach acid and enzymes slowly.

What we do is have a 20 oz glass of electrolyzed reduced water with molecular hydrogen H2 in it, wait about 10 mins than I may have 6 oz of my homemade fresh live kefir with a tbls of MCT oil, or a tbls of organic peanut butter, or a hand full of pecans, sometimes a couple of celery sticks with peanut butter or almond butter on them, sometimes even a hard boiled egg, it needs to be something light with some good fat in it, like maybe a half of a med avocado that works well be for you eat your first meal, than half hour later I have my first meal of the day.

If you work out 4 plus days a week you can snack on keto snacks between meals only if you need to.
It has been said that women and men fast different, because women have different hormones than men, in a since this is true, women need to be monitored by someone who has a knowledge on different fasting protocols.

When the female body senses it’s headed towards famine, it will increase the production of the hunger hormones, ghrelin, which signal to the body that you’re hungry and need to eat. Additionally, if there’s not enough food for you to survive, your body is going to shut down the system that would allow you to create another human. This is the body’s natural way of protecting a potential pregnancy, even if you’re not actually pregnant or trying to conceive.

The interesting fact is women have been fasting for centuries right next to men with no side effects, the problem is that was back then, today due to our environmental toxins women’s hormone have been affected, it is a good idea to keeps tabs on how you feel during an extended fast or doing more than 1 extended fast per week, have someone who is experience in fasting monitor you, as you go through it.

In our research for over a year now, my wife and I have found that she is able to do extended fasting (24 hour) along with me, 2 to 3 times a week with no side effects to her hormones, one thing we do know that most people do not, we hydrate with electrolyzed reduced water with molecular hydrogen H2 ( antioxidant/electrolytes) we have found that when doing fasting 18 to 20 hour plus, electrolytes replacement is huge, I am talking about the natural electrolytes in your source water no added manmade supplement to your drinking water, when you understand what and how the body utilizes nutrients and mineral, you will learn the body doesn’t recognize manmade supplements as being good, ever heard of this, If man made it don’t eat it, there is some truth to this, some of you know that.

With every glass of electrolyzed reduced water, you are getting massive amounts of electrolytes and antioxidants, and besides you are detoxifying the body daily, how important do you think that is. Something you might want to know, we both are in our mid-sixties, so don’t think you are too old to get in the best shape of your life with our 3 protocols, something else you might want to know, science research backs these 3 protocols up, showing how they may help with many disease models like cancer, slow premature aging etc.

This protocol works for both my wife and I, we do a 48 hour fast once a month.

Monday- 24 hour fast every Monday- come off the fast with a nutritional keto salad or my green protein keto smoothie. One meal this day. (1 meal)
Tuesday- 18/6 or 20/4 fast. (2 meals keto snack if needed)
Wednesday- 18/6 or 20/4 fast. (2 meals keto snack if needed)
Thursday- 18/6 or 20/4 fast. (2 meals keto snack if needed)
Friday- 18/6 or 20/4 fast. (2 meals keto snack if needed)
Saturday- 18/6 or 20/4 fast. (2 meals keto snack if needed)
Sunday- Feed day, 12/12-3 to 4 meals what every I feel like(optional)

The weeks we are not doing a 48 hour fast, we may do 3-24 hour fast that week, it depends on how we feel, and how much more body fat we need to lose, if I am down to my goal, we will only do 1-24 house fast per week to help detox our body naturally.

Ladies research has shown that women may not follow the same fasting protocols as men, in a sense this is true for some women not all, you just have to find the protocols that work for you, electrolytes seem to play a huge factor in doing extended fasting’s, I don’t mean manmade electrolyte I am talking about natural electrolytes coming from your water source, we recommend your daily drinking water should come from the Enagic electrolysis device that is certified as being safe water to drink, no other device in the US has this certification (WQA gold seal both numbers) some women may have their own intermittent and extended fasting protocol, Why? Because your hormones are different than men. When checking your progress on weight loss, for women NO scale weight, it is all about inches lost, you are to find a few pairs of tight pants, this is how you will monitor your body fat loss in inches, men can monitor their weight loss by using a scale, we still want men to find a pair of tight pants, try them on every 2 weeks.
Starting you fast protocol (beginners)

Men and Women

Your very first week you can do every other day 16/8 fasting, then the following week do the 16/8 all week, most likely you will be eating 3 meals, no snacking in between meals if you do not feel hungry, you must be hydrating with electrolyzed reduced water with molecular hydrogen H2 for your natural electrolytes and antioxidants at least a min of a ½ oz of body weight than work up to a gal per day or 8 to 10 glasses per day, this is very important for your success due to replacing the natural electrolytes when fasting. then the third week start doing the protocol below, that is when you will see the magic.

What to look for when you are just starting out fasting, if you are fasting and you feel cold for a period of time or you are highly moody or very hungry and tired, try the ¼ tsp of sea salt with a big glass of 9.5 electrolyzed reduced water, if you are still hungry break the fast then try again the next day, you may only be able to fast 3 time a week, 16/8 that is ok, as long as you are doing the higher good fat, moderate amounts of proteins and low carbs, listen to your body (your hormones).

For those of you that may think you cannot fast think about this, you are already fasting every day and you do not even know it, watch the live video below, it will explain what I mean- Every living person that sleeps are fasting.
Basically, stop eating breakfast, have your last meal around 5 to 7 pm, it is that simple, you are already fasting every day, think about it, are you eating when you are sleeping, most of you are not hungry when you wake up right? Wait 2 hours before you have your first meal, guess what you have just extend your fasting period.

Your base intermittent fasting will be a 16/8 or 18/6 or both, what do I mean by both? You can mix them up during a 7-day period. Example, Monday 18/6, Tuesday 16/8, Wednesday 18/6, by mixing them up like this you will see better results.

You also can do 1 to 2, 24 hours fasting per month, you can finish off your 24-hour fasting with a soft snack , than your first meal can be an organic colorful salad with avocado and some nuts, add 1 tbls of MCT oil to raise the good fat, the next day you can go on a 16/8 fasting see how that works, I want you to be able to have enough time during your eating window to have at least 3 meals, what I mean by meals? When you come off your fast you have good higher fat snack, avocado, mixed nuts, tbls of organic peanut butter, ½ later have your solid meal, MTC oil with your salads, or a pcs of grass fed chicken with avocados and raw veggies, something like that. Sometimes I do a hand full of my mixed nuts a half hour before I have a larger meal, the mixed nuts before my larger meal counts as a meal, sometimes I may have celery and peanut butter during the day, that also counts as a meal, do you see how that works.

We are looking to find the protocol that works for you and your lifestyle, intermittent fasting is designed to be flexible and doable with any lifestyle.

How do I get through the first couple of weeks doing intermittent fasting when first starting out and I feel hungry, I do a glass of electrolyzed reduced water with ¼ tsp of Himalayan sea salt to shut down the hormone that gives you the hunger feeling, I will put a ¼ tsp of pink sea salt in the palm of my hand, lick it chase it with my water, I may have to do this 2 or 3 times per day at the beginning to get thru that hunger wave or I will have some black coffee or unsweetened green tea, put nothing in your coffee it has to be black, if you do you have just broke your fast to soon.

Here is an example of a 7-day men and women intermittent and extended fasting, based on your last meal will be at 6:00 pm, remember your time can be adjusted to your lifestyle, say you ate at 7:00 pm instead of 6:00 the next day eat your first meal 1 hour later, see how that works (do not stress if you eat later, on your last meal adjust it).

First week

Monday – do a 16/8, my first meal will be at 10:00 am, my last meal is 6:00 pm
Tuesday do a 16/8, my first meal will be at 10:00 am, my last meal is 6:00 pm
Wednesday- do a 16/8, my first meal will be at 10:00 am, my last meal is 6:00 pm
Thursday- do a 16/8, my first meal will be at 10:00 am, my last meal is 6:00 pm
Friday- do a 16/8, my first meal will be at 10:00 am, my last meal is 6:00 pm
Saturday- 16/8, first meal around 10:00 am last meal around 5:00 to 6:00 pm.
Sunday-feed day, eat at any time in the am, example 9:00 am eat what every you like, don’t stress on what you should eat, eat all the way up to 5:00 or 6:00 pm your last meal.

Remember no snacking between meals if you are not hungry.

Seconded week-example
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday do a 18/6 fast, all you are doing is eliminated breakfast, do this for a week.
What is your goal protocol?

You might be seeing some great results with one of the above protocols, if so stick with it if it works for you, but here in the magic when doing a few extended fasting during the week, you want to try to get to the protocol that Emily and I are doing above, with 2, 24 hour fasting per week and do a 48 hour fast once a month, I can’t stress enough how important it is to hydrate with electrolyzed reduced water during a fast, natural electrolytes are huge when it come to ding a successful extended fast, you must work up to a gal per day of electrolyzed reduced water.

Not only are you looking to lose body fat or that unwanted belly fat and to slow premature aging you want it to be long term, if you are looking to do all this in a short amount of time, than you most follow these 3 protocols for 6 plus months to start, that gives you the time to see this way of life works long term and it is so simple to do because it can fit anyone’s life style.

To get the complete health benefits, follow these 3 protocols, that are backed by science.
1. Electrolyzed reduced water with molecular hydrogen H2 (antioxidant/electrolytes)
2. Intermittent and extended fasting
3. Ketogenic meals

Monday- for us we like doing the extended fasting the day after feed day. Once a month we will do 48-hour fast. When you do an extended fast you are getting some major health benefits, that is why it is good to do them every so often.

Intermittent and extended fasting is a no stress controlled eating lifestyle. During your eating window you can eat whatever you like, if you are out and about, and it is in your eating window and you are ready to eat something, don’t worry if it is good or bad for you, you have to eat something during your eating window, if you go without eating because there is not a place to stop at for good healthy food, that will do more harm than good.

Does food matter when coming off a fast or even during your eating window? YES, if you stick to whole foods, higher good fats, moderate animal meat protein, low carbohydrates, you will reach your goals much faster.

What I mean by lower carbohydrates, refined carbs, and sugary carbs, like white rice, breads, pasta, white potatoes, you can go to google get a list of these types of carbs, stick to more raw carbs like veggies.

Tip for athletes: If working out 3 or more times a week than you may snack between meals if needed, be sure to snack on keto snacks.
Tip: try to do one cooked meal per day, try not to eat all your meals cooked, you are killing your good probiotics and digestive enzymes by cooking your veggies, you need to feed the good gut bacteria for a healthy gut, a healthy gut will digest your foods more efficiently for better nutrient utilization.

Tip: If you go out with friends or go to a family event or a family birthday party, enjoy the event remember you are fasting the next day, plus if you do this after you have refined carbs or surgery carbs, it will lower your insulin ( insulin will cause fat) back down to normal, 6 oz of homemade kombucha, if you have it, or 2 tbls of apple cider vinegar as soon as you get home from a family event.

This is not negotiable- When first starting out with intermittent fasting you must change the type of water you are drinking, why? You have to be drinking water that has natural electrolytes and antioxidants along with the Himalayan sea salt, your body has been programed to eat breakfast every day or you are eating a meal every two hours, all of a sudden you have change your eating time, where you are not eating at all, your body is going to freak out, and you may feel what we call hunger waves, most likely you are not hungry you are thirsty. Your body will produce a hormone that will increase appetite, the electrolytes, and antioxidants in the electrolyzed reduced water along with the sea salt will shut that hormone down, until your body gets re-programed to the change in eating time, know other water can do this, it is critical early in your fasting protocol, for at least a couple weeks, you may have to do the salt and water 3 to 4 times a day at first, you also can do black coffee or unsweetened tea along with this.

Tip- Some of you may need to add some type of low glycemic starchy carbohydrate to your last meal of the of the day a couple times a week, example sweet potatoes or a yam, that is ok, but be sure you do it at your last meal, once you get into fat adapted by doing the keto meals, we want you to be burning fat for energy all day, starchy carbohydrate will take you out of burning fat for fuel, in stead it will burn the starchy carb for fuel.

Tip- later we can talk about combing a ketogenic meal when coming off a fast or for your last meal to get even faster results, at I do not want you to worry about what you eat during your eating window, I want you to eat enough.
Tip- during a extended fast or prolong fast, if you wake up hungry, or during the extended fast you seems to be more hungry, add a little more dietary fat to your last meal of the day, a tbls of MCT oil, handful of mixed nuts, add wild caught salmon to your salad 3.5 oz, be sure to use vinegar and oil on your salad etc.

Tip: For you beginners, start by doing a bone broth fast when trying to do your first 24 hour or longer fast. Say, your last meal was at 6:00 pm Sunday night, and you want to do a 24 hour fast or a 48 hour fast, on Monday have 8 oz of organic bone broth at 12:00 than do another at around 6:00 pm, try again to do a 24 hour sometime during that week the same thing. Than the next week do a 24 hour fast on Monday, eliminate the bone broth at 12:00 and only do the bone broth at 6:00 pm, when you fell you are ready eliminate the 6:00 pm bone broth, you just did your first 24 hour fast, now try a 48 hour fast.

If you are on medication, keep close contact with your doctor to monitor when to lower what ever medication you are taking, be sure you let your doctor know that you are doing the 3 protocols we recommend.

We are looking to find the protocols that best work for you.

Commit to 90 to 120 days to be consistent with this, your body set weight is not going to change overnight it takes time, if you like I can explain what body set weight means.

Every 3 to 4 days text me keep me updated how you feel, if you have lost any more inches and if you have any questions.

You are looking to burn ½ # of fat per day during your fasting, you are going to have to be around 18/6 or 20/4 fasting a few times a week, over time you will get fat adapted, it takes time and consistency to get to this point, it does not happen overnight. If you combine a ketogenic protocol you will get there faster.

Reminder- during your fasting all you can have is water (electrolyzed reduced water with massive amounts of electrolytes and H2 or black coffee or unsweetened green tea, no flavors, anything else will take you out of fasting.

For on-line personal training information msg us at

Bill Mabry
Weight loss Consultant/Health Consultant/ Molecular hydrogen H2 consultant/ CMHS 951-237-3640

Conclusion for you woman: Your fasting may be different then men, some of you may be able to do 16/8 every day some of you may not, some of you may be able to do 2- 24 hour fasting a week some my not, some of you may only be able to do 3 16/8 fasting per week, that is ok if you are on a whole food eating plan, higher good fats moderate proteins and low carbs you will still lose that unwanted body fat, ladies your hormones are different then men, you need to listen to your body (your hormones) if you are fasting and you feel moody, or very hungry and you tried the ¼ tsp of sea salt with a big glass of 9.5 electrolyzed reduced water and you are still hungry or if you feel cold for a period of time, break the fast and eat, be sure to break your fast with higher good fats like, mixed nuts or avocado, do not break your fast with fast foods or a high refined carbohydrate meal, then try the next day, it is ok you will still lose body fat, listen to what your body wants to do.

Why I do not use the western diet (restricted calorie diet) or calorie in calorie out diets, science has proved this why of losing weight does not work never has worked.

The Calorie Deception with Dr Jason Fung the western diet does not work

Leptin and Insulin Resistance Balancing Tips w/ Jason Fung, MD, Science explains why calorie restricted diets don’t work (western diet) and why intermittent fasting works so well for over all health and helps to lose body fat long term.

Why is it so important to start by changing the type of water you and your family is drinking daily, science has proven by you changing the type of water you are drinking you will lose that unwanted body fat.

Science behind water helping to lose weight

Live Video

When you understand what body set weight means you will understand why people fail when they first attempt intermittent fasting.

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