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Explanation why can I take in less calories and still keep my metabolic rate fired up when doing intermittent fasting.

May 14, 2018

Explanation why can I take in less calories and still keep my metabolic rate fired up when doing intermittent fasting.

5/11/2018 chest/triceps Friday

I am coming off of a 24 hour fast I did on Thursday, for the week, I did a 48 hour fast Monday thru Tuesday, for my first meal Tuesday night I had a high good fat green veggie protein smoothie. On Wednesday I did another 24 hour fast, and finished my fast with a high good fat green salad and Thursday I ended up doing another 24 hour fast. On Friday we will work out 16 hours into our fast with only 3 meals the whole week. Our workout went great today lots of energy to complete my workout, recovery was normal, remember I have had only 3 meals going into Fridays workout, this just shows that it is not about the amount of calories you take in, it is all about the hormonal response that happens when you do an extended fasting.

I am also hydrating with electrolyzed reduced water with molecular Hydrogen H2 (antioxidants) therapeutic water that helps to flush out inflammation and replace my electrolytes, this is our recovery drink,

I am sure some of you health professionals are saying to yourself, no way you could have 3 meals in 4 days and keep up with your interval strength training, I might have thought the something unless I actually did it. This proves that science research is right, calories in is not the key to building lean muscle and to have plenty of energy for the body to function normally.

This shows that doing intermittent fasting causes a hormonal response and keeps the metabolism up, actually it will raise the metabolism because of certain hormones, adrenalin, noradrenalin, cortisol (the good one) and then the big dog to help slow premature aging, during an extended fasting in men you can raise your growth hormones by 2000% more and for woman 1300% more, being in our med sixties we lake that.

The standard western diet calorie restricted diets or calorie in and calorie out diet over time will lower the metabolism to match the amount of calories that you are taking in, that is way these type of diet don’t work, they never have worked long term, must of you know this, science has also proved this to be true, 99% of the people who do this diet will gain their weight back and at times even add more.

I did a couple of videos explaining why intermittent fasting does not lower the metabolism, it will actually rise the metabolism, because of hormonal response, you can go to my youtube channel type in Bill Mabry subscribe to it for more health videos and you can also go to my drink natures water facebook page like it for more health blogs and videos.

I am going to try to give you a brief idea why intermittent and extended fasting does not lower the metabolism and why losing weight and adding lean muscle is not about calories.

Let’s first talk about why science has shown that calorie restricted diets or calories in calories out does lower your metabolic rate. You also need to understand that science has also shown that the root cause to obesity and weight gain is a hormonal imbalance caused by the hormone that is designed to store fat, insulin, so, wouldn’t make since to learn how to control insulin, I would think so. The problem is the health professionals and medical doctors always go after the symptom not the root cause.

Example, you have been at a certain weight for say 4 to 6 years and you feel it is time to lose that excess body fat and start living a healthier life style, so you hire a personal trainer or a weight loss coach to help you, before we get started I want you to know what body set weight means, remember you have been sitting a certain weight for 4 to 5 years say 200#, your body is happy at that weight and if you try to lower it by losing weight, your body will do whatever it takes to get your weight back up to 200# by producing a hormone to increase your appetite, the hormone ghrelin, it takes time to reset your body set weight, it will not happen overnight.

Your trainer or whoever, tells you we need to lower your calorie intake by 500 calories (restricting your calories) to get you down to 1500 calories per day and have you do some type of exercise or whatever to keep you burning 2000 calories per day, so you have a deficit of 500 calorie, you lose about 1# of weight per week, and you most likely will at first.

The body is not stupid, it will realize that if it keeps burning 2000 calories per day and only bringing in 1500 calories per day than over time the body will run out of fuel for energy, so, how does the body respond to that, by lowering the metabolism to match the amount of calories coming in, you than stop losing weight, so what does your trainer do, drops your calories down to 1200 calories per day and says, you need to do more cardio and burn more calories, guess what your metabolism does, YEP, drops down to 1200 calories going out, you again stop losing weight, that is why 99% of you have failed doing these types of diets and some of you have seen this happen to you, and some of you have added more weight.

Let’s talk about intermittent and extended fasting why the metabolism does not decrease, first of all you need to understand it is not about calories it is all about hormonal imbalance, intermittent and extended fasting is based on hormonal response.

We know science research has shown that the hormone insulin is the hormone that was designed to store fat for energy to be used later, science has also shown us that by eating a high carb diet or eating 4 to 8 meals per day could cause insulin resistance, the root cause to obesity and weight gain as well as type 2 diabetes.

Most health coaches or personal trainers are telling their clients that they need to eat food to lose weight, or the typical diet, eat every 2 hours if you want to lose body fat. This is not true, by doing this you are producing insulin response from the carbs you are eating, as well as other micronutrients you are eating, they will be converted to glucose (sugar), this is what the body will use for its primary energy source to function.

You have 2 sources of fuel, first one, this is the easiest source of fuel that the body will go after to function, carbohydrates. The second source of fuel you have is fat, we like to call this rocket fuel, the body burns fat much cleaner.

The problem is your health coach is telling you, you need to eat to lose weight, they have you eating every 2 hours or 4 to 6 meals per day. Every time you have a meal your insulin will increase, if you are eating every 2 hours your body is burning glucose for fuel only, remember you have stored up fat also for fuel, that is your body fat you are trying to burn off to get lean.

The problem is if you are eating every 2 hours you are not tapping into your fat to burn for fuel because you are eating to many meals causing an insulin response, does that make since.

Why does intermittent and extended fasting work so well for weight loss, simple answer you are not eating food at all for a certain amount of time, if you don’t eat you will lose weight. If you don’t eat you are not producing insulin which is your fat storage hormone. Guess what, if you are not eating food you are not burning carbohydrates for fuel so, where is the body going to get fuel to burn for energy, you guessed it, fat, didn’t you want to lose body fat in the first place.

Remember what I said, most of your health coaches are telling you, you need calories, eat more to burn fat, that is not true, science has proved it. When you are doing intermittent fasting you are eating less calories, it is not the same as doing a calorie restricted diet that will cause your metabolism to slow down, intermittent fasting will actually rise your metabolism with less calories, and why is that?
For example, if you are doing an 18 hour fast, you are not taking in any calories, whatever carbohydrates you took in during a eating window was converted into glycogen and stored in the liver and muscle for later use as energy, during a 18 hour fast, you have eaten no food, you are going to go through your stored carbohydrate(glycogen), your body still needs energy so it switches to your stored fat for energy, this is where the magic starts and this is where health professionals seemed to get lost. Their concern is you are not taking in enough calories, you body’s metabolism is going to shut down, it is the complete opposite, if you are only eating 1200 calories in 2 meals because you are doing a 18 hour fast and you are burning 2000 calories per day, where are you getting the extra calories, can anyone guess, how many calories in 1 gram of fat (9), the body is not stupid , it says to itself, I don’t need to lower my metabolism I have plenty of calories now that I have switched over to burning fat, you are now on your way to some massive health benefits when you start to become fat adapted, and you have turned your body into a fat burning machine, know this, it doesn’t happen overnight, with the right tools like our 3 weight loss protocols and the right guidance it is easier than you think and it will fit anyone’s lifestyle and it is long term.

With guidance for the first 90 days to by doing our on-line personal training, will be educated and given the right tools for success.

Science explains why calorie restricted diets don’t work (western diet) and why intermittent fasting works so well for overall health and helps to lose body fat long term.

Go to my youtube channel type in Bill Mabry subscribe for more health videos

Also go to my facebook page drink natures water like it for more health blogs and videos

Emily & I also offer on-personal training if you are looking for guidance in your journey to lose that unwanted body fat, msg us we will send you the information.

Bill & Emily Mabry
Weight Loss Consultant/ Retired Strength and Conditioning Coach/ Molecular Hydrogen H2 Consultant/CMHS


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