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The myth behind cholesterol causing heart disease.

April 16, 2018

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The myth behind cholesterol causing heart disease.

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You have to types of LDL(cholesterol) bad LDL (oxidized LDL caused by free radicals) and good LDL, we already know that HDL is good for you.

I don’t understand why doctors were not informed about this, what did they teach them in all those years in collage, we do know they were not taught about nutrition or they would not be prescribing you to take lowering cholesterol medication. How do they not know by taking the medication to lower cholesterol, will cause the liver to produce more cholesterol, the is how important cholesterol for the body to run efficiently, all you have to do is research the importance of cholesterol for the body, and be sides look up the side affects of cholesterol medication, after ready it are you sure you want to take the chance taking it.

You have to start somewhere, so, let’s start with what is called the essence of life, the type of water you are drinking, this is the first thing you need to do is detox the body for a couple of weeks from all the stored toxic chemicals you have at the cellular level(heavy metals)

Guys If this all makes sense, msg us, you have to start somewhere, start with the most important protocol, with the type of water you are drinking, how long can you live without water, most of you are drinking water with toxic chemicals, we let people sample the water for free for 2 weeks, no obligation, what is the big deal you have to drink water right, and be side for 2 weeks you will get water for free, you will save money for 2 weeks, you want have to buy bottle water.

Learn what science says about the good and the bad about cholesterol from one of the top kidney specialist Dr. Jason Fung

Fat Phobia cholesterol

What makes cholesterol bad. (free radicals)

Real sciences- the object is to prevent oxidative LDL before it even happens, how do you do that, simple solution, detox your body daily with water that has structure to it and is able to neutralize the free radicals you are consuming daily from the environment, in other words, change the type of water your family is drinking daily to electrolyzed reduced water with molecular hydrogen H2 in it, the most powerful antioxidant on the planet.

Science is now showing the fastest and easiest way to neutralize free radicals is by changing your water to electrolyzed reduced water with molecular hydrogen H2 in it.

Multiple case studies on diseases Electrolyzed Water – Ionized Water Research site- More scientific research good info for a medical professional

Active Hydrogen (electrolyzed reduced water) can neutralize hydroxyl radicals the most dangerous free radical in the body.

Complete info of the benefits of hydrogen rich water for most all disease

electrolyzed reduced water reduces oxidative stress

Effect of electrolyzed high-pH alkaline water on blood viscosity in healthy adults

Bill & Emily Mabry
Weight Loss Consultant/Retired Strength and Conditioning Coach/Nutrition Consultant/CMHS


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