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Weight Loss Made Easy

April 13, 2018

Weight Loss Made Easy

If you address the root cause why you are having such a hard time losing that unwanted body fat, you than have found the the way to keep the weight off long term, it is easier than you think.

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2 seniors found 3 protocols that will help you lose that unwanted belly fat long-term, it also helps with slowing down premature aging

Why is it that most of the public are having such a hard time losing that unwanted body fat or how about that unwanted belly fat as you age? You think you are doing everything right, by hiring a training, going on a restricted diet, doing cardio every day for an hour, and yet the weight does not come off or you may have stopped losing the weight, there is a simple fix and it is long term, you have to deal with the root cause of why the weight does not come off.

Root cause number 1, your body is acidic, in other words you are dehydrated, you have to change the type of water you are drinking to water that is able to flush out the toxic chemicals you have stored up at the cellular level, in other words the water you are drinking needs to detoxify you daily before you even think about losing any weight long term, number 2, imbalance hormones, you have lost control of the hormone that controls fat storage, the solution get these 2 root causes of weight gain under control you will than turn your body into a fat burning machine, but first you have to change the type of water you are drinking to electrolyzed reducded water with molecular hydrogen H2 in it, for a couple weeks to clean out the body, check it out.

You have to start somewhere, so, let’s start with what is called the essence of life, the type of water you are drinking, this is the first thing you need to do is detox the body for a couple of weeks from all the stored toxic chemicals you have at the cellular level(heavy metals)

Guys If this all makes sense, msg us, you have to start somewhere, start with the most important protocol, with the type of water you are drinking, how long can you live without water, most of you are drinking water with toxic chemicals, we let people sample the water for free for 2 weeks, no obligation, what is the big deal you have to drink water right, and be side for 2 weeks you will get water for free, you will save money for 2 weeks, you want have to buy bottle water.

Checkout what science says out drinking water and losing weight.

Weight loss and water what is science saying about this
Live Video

Blog post-the medical field can no longer deny that water can help lose that unwanted body fat, science has proven this to be true.

Before picture and my after picture at 65 years

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Bill & Emily Mabry
Weight Loss Consultant/Retired Strength and Conditioning Coach/CMHS/Nutrition Consultant


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