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Ketogenetic diet vs. Western Diet, can you build muscle and burn fat on a ketogenic diet?

April 10, 2018

Ketogenetic diet vs. Western Diet, can you build muscle and burn fat on a ketogenic diet?

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Ketogenic diet benefits all athletes

Guys you have heard me talk about this before, people have come up to me who have heard about our 3 protocols for losing that unwanted body fat and how it helps add lean muscle at the same time, there comment to me is this, there is no way you are going to be able to keep lean muscle on or even add lean muscle by following your 3 protocols, you are not eating enough protein nor are you eating enough carbohydrates, this is my comment to them, ok, lets see what science says about that, guys you do not need to eat as much protein or carbohydrates as you think if you are looking to add lean muscle, guess what, to much protein turns to fat and to much carbohydrates turns to fat, science has already proved it, check it out.

Here is a brief explanation on why we are having such great success with our 3 protocols. Protocol 1. electrolyzed reduced water helps lose weight, flushes out inflammation, hydrates the body at the cellular level, helps with slowing down premature aging, body’s natural way to detox daily, Protocol 2. intermittent and extended fasting, helps with weight loss, helps get you into fat adapted (turn your body into a fat burning machine ketosis), add lean muscle and saves you money, there are many more health benefits, ketogenic meals, helps with weight loss (burn fat for energy) puts you into fat adaptation, helps create more energy by producing blood ketones, helps with good brain health, anti-cancer, anti-aging, add lean muscle and save you money, there are also many more health benefits.

Science is telling us why a very low carbohydrate diet does not burn lean muscle, and when you are burning fat for energy, the blood ketones you are producing will help to add lean muscle.

Let’s see what science says about this

The liver cannot utilize ketone bodies and thus, they flow from the liver to extra-hepatic tissues (e.g., brain, muscle) for use as a fuel. Simply stated, ketone body metabolism by the brain displaces glucose utilization and thus spares muscle mass. In other words, the brain derives energy from storage fat

Glycolytic cells and tissues (e.g., erythrocytes, renal medulla) will still need some glucose, because they do not have aerobic oxidative capacity and thus cannot use ketone bodies. However, glycolysis in these tissues leads to the release of lactate that is returned to the liver and then reconverted into glucose (the Cori cycle). Energy for this process comes from the increased oxidation of fatty acids in the liver. Thus, glycolytic tissues indirectly also run on energy derived from the fat stores.

The hormonal changes associated with a VLCARB include a reduction in the circulating levels of insulin along with increased levels of glucagon. Insulin has many actions, the most well-known of which is stimulation of glucose and amino acid uptake from the blood to various tissues. This is coupled with stimulation of anabolic processes such as protein, glycogen and fat synthesis. Glucagon has opposing effects, causing the release of glucose from glycogen and stimulation of gluconeogenesis and fat mobilization. Thus, the net stimulus would seem to be for increasing muscle protein breakdown. However, several studies indicate that a VLCARB results in body composition changes that favor loss of fat mass and preservation in muscle mass.

Guys If this all makes sense, msg us, you have to start somewhere, start with the most important protocol, with the type of water you are drinking, how long can you live without water, most of you are drinking water with toxic chemicals, we let people sample the water for free for 2 weeks, no obligation, what is the big deal you have to drink water right, and be side for 2 weeks you will get water for free, you will save money for 2 weeks, you want have to buy bottle water.

This is a scientific study that proved you do not need as much carbs or protein to build lean muscle.

The Journal of International Sociaty Sports Nutrition

The research was about, how does ketosis differ from the standard American diet (western diet) in terms of muscle and fat loss.
They gave the first group a ketogenic diet, high good fats 75%, moderate protein 20%, very low carbs 5%, the second group they gave them high carbs 55%, moderate protein 20%, low fat 25%, the traditional western diet that most of you have done and failed on, time after time.

They than studied them for 11 weeks, guess what they found, the group on the high good fat, moderate protein, very low fat gained 2.1 kg of muscle in 11 weeks, the keto group lost 2.2 kg of fat in those 11 weeks, ketogenic group built more muscle and lost more fat than the group that ways doing the western diet, this just proves how powerful the ketogenic diet is for adding lean muscle and to help loss that unwanted body fat, combine the ketogenic meals with the other 2 fat burning protocols we have, you know have a body that is turned into a fat burning machine long term, and it is the natural way to monitor a healthy weight and keep lean muscle on.

The Journal of Clinical Investigation

Beta-hydroxbutrate (ketones) promotes protein synthesis in human beings (adding lean muscle)

Low carbohydrate diet does not affect the loss of lean muscle

The Journal of International Society Sports and Nutrition

Does a low carb diet affect an athletic lean muscle(protein) vs a high carb diet (western diet)?

Very-low-carbohydrate diets and preservation of muscle mass

Ketogenetic diet vs. Carbohydrates, can you build muscle on a ketogenic diet?

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This is how our 3 weight loss protocols worked for me
My before picture at 245# My after picture at 65 years old at 168#

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