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Carb loading before a workout, while on a keto lifestyle.

March 29, 2018

Carb loading before a workout, while on a keto lifestyle.

This is a great question that was brought to my attention.

The information is from I have learned form science and applied to myself and my wife and others that I am helping to lose that unwanted body fat and those that are looking to put on lean muscle.

First thing we need to do is lay the ground work by explaining what a ketogenic diet is.
A lot of the public has a miss understanding what a true ketogenic diet is, it is not a high meat protein diet, this is where the mistake is, people that are on a keto meal plan think they need to get their good dietary fat from meat alone. A high protein diet will put fat on “WHY” you body can only utilize a certain amount in one sitting, around 20 grams, what is left is turned into fat and stored in fat cell for later use as energy.

A ketogenic diet is high good dietary fat, moderate protein, low carbs, for us most of our carbs come from fibrous carbs (vegetables) not starchy carbs, we eat around 20 to 30 grams of fibrous cabs daily, sometime less. We try to stay at 75% good dietary fats, 20% proteins, 5% carbs, this is working for us and for the people I have put on it.
Where are we getting our good fats from, avocados, mixed nuts, MCT oil, coconut oil, eggs, oil and vinegar salad dressing, real butter, salmon once or twice a week (3.5 oz), wild caught, pastured raised meats, maybe around 3.5 oz piece etc.

The question was should you carbo load before you work out? For decades this has been the norm for myself, I taught this was what we had to do, this was said to help keep your energy up while you are working out, the problem with this type of thinking, is science is now saying if you are looking to burn off that unwanted fat and to add lean muscle you need to change the way you are eating to a higher good fat diet and a low carbs.

The body use 2 sources of energy to function, the easiest to get to is carbohydrates which is converted to sugar(glucose) then stored in the liver and muscle as glycogen for later use as energy. Then you have your stored fat that is also used for energy, the problem is, it is harder for the body to utilize fat for energy when you have stored carbohydrate(sugar) in your muscles and liver, it is much easier for the body to go after stored carbohydrates than fat, so, by you eating a lot of carbs you are continually storing sugar to burn, this is why eating every 2 hours does not work, you are raising the root cause of why people are over weight and obese, your hormone insulin is out of control, insulin is your fat storing hormone, carbs will raise your insulin.

Science has shown us that when you burn carbohydrates for energy you produce more free radical ( metabolic wastes) that will damage the muscle, that is why most of you get sore, when you burn fat for energy it is much cleaner with less damage to the cells at the cellular level, you are also producing blood ketones for energy, this is where the magic starts when burning fat for energy. Think of it this way carbohydrates is gasoline for your body and burning fat is rocket fuel.

Science has shown when you become fat adapted, meaning you are burning fat for energy because you no longer have stored carbohydrates to burn you will tap into the health benefits of burning fat for fuel.

Those of you that are looking to lose that unwanted body fat and add lean muscle you need to get your body into fat adaptation. When you are burning carbs for energy you are not burning fat, and if you are eating a high carb diet or eating every 2 hours your body is only burning sugar for fuel and your hormone insulin is out of control, do you see where this is going, would rather burn sugar for fuel or burn fat and lose that unwanted belly fat.

When you work out in a fasting state, which means you are working out on an empty stomach, say you fasted for 16 to 18 hours, and you work out in the morning, so most of your fasting was while you were asleep, your body needs energy to operate, so whatever carbohydrates you have eaten the day before you have used it up for energy, the body still needs energy to operate and it needs energy to get you through your work out, the body than goes after fat for fuel, and at the same time it is producing blood ketones adding even more energy and you are also tapping into your hormones that add lean muscle, testosterone and growth hormones, women my go up to 1300% higher and men will go up to 2000% when working out during your fasting, and you also are burning those fat cells, you are now losing inches.

Why you should not eat before you exercise?

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM)

Feeding influences adipose tissue responses to exercise in overweight men, eating before exercise will affect the body from using its own body fat as energy scientific case study.

British Journal of Nutrition

Effects of aerobic exercise performed in fasted v. fed state on fat and carbohydrate metabolism in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Science Daily

Lose fat faster before breakfast

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM) Growth Hormones.

****Intermittent Fasting Regulates Hormones Here’s How (Estrogen/testosterone balance)

Augmented growth hormones (2 day extended fast had a 5-fold increase in men’s growth hormones).

Fasting enhances growth hormone secretion and amplifies the complex rhythms of growth hormone secretion in man. 2000 time higher in growth hormones doing extending fasting.

By being on a keto meal plan you are staying in fat adaptation, burning fat through out the day, how much faster do you think you would lose that body fat by burning fat through out the day, than burning carbohydrates by eating a higher carb diet or eating every 2 hours, and besides our bodies were designed to fast and eat a higher good dietary fats to operate more efficiently, just like our ancestors.

The bottom line is, if you are looking to lose that unwanted body fat add lean muscle by using your own bodies hormones like testosterone and growth hormones, by following these three protocols that I have listed below that are backed by science showing the many health benefits you will receive, msg us let us point you in the right directing, it is a type of lifestyle that is long term.
Weight Loss Protocol Number 1 Electrolyzed reduced water with Molecular Hydrogen H2 in it.

blog post, The science behind electrolyzed reduced water with molecular hydrogen H2 in the water.

Weight loss Protocol Number 2 Intermittent and Extenuated Fasting.

Blog post, why it works so well to lose that unwanted body fat.

Weight loss Protocol Number 3 Ketogenic meals

Blog post, the benefits of a ketogenic meal plan to help lose that unwanted body fat when combining it with protocol 1 and 2.

Science behind water helping to lose weight
Live Video

If this all makes sense to you msg us we will let you sample the water for free for 2 weeks, so you can see for yourself, let us test your water for safe drinking, no obligations the education is free while you are sampling it, you have nothing to lose you have to drink water any way.

This is a good example of how well these 3 protocols work, we both our in or mid-sixties, we made the lifestyle change and followed the 3 protocols consistently.
My before and after picture

Bill & Emily Mabry
Weight Loss Consultant/ Retired Strength and Conditioning Coach/ Molecular Hydrogen H2 Consultant/ CMHS/ Nutrition Consultant


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