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Myth # 2, fasting makes you burn muscle, truth or lies?

December 19, 2017

Weight Loss Made Easy

Myth # 2, fasting makes you burn muscle, truth or lies

Boy, have I heard this a lot, I have to be honest, if 6 years ago you came up to me and told me as a weight lifter you were doing intermittent fasting, I would have told you, you should not be doing that, you will burn muscle, your body needs to eat every 2 hours, you need 1 gram of protein per pound to gain any kind of lean muscle, boy, was I miss lead by the public schools and Universities.

I will explain in this blog post this is not TRUE, I will give science research that will back up what I am about to tell you, and explain how our 3 protocols, electrolyzed reduced water (molecular hydrogen H2 in it) and intermittent and extended fasting and ketogenic diet combined, will actually help you gain lean muscle and slow premature aging.

Electrolyzed reduced water(molecular hydrogen H2) for weight loss and to help slow premature aging

Clinical Studies and Research on Electrolyzed-Reduced Water for many Diseases models

Why do the medical doctors and health professionals tell people they must not do intermittent fasting if they are trying to gain lean muscle, it is because they were given the wrong information, the food industry controlled our education, think about it, why would the food industry want you to know about the health benefits when fasting, you are eating less foods and it is free, does that make sense. They were taught that fasting burns muscle, that our body, if not eating, will immediately start using our muscles as an energy source, guys I am here to tell you, this does not happen.

For example, I am 65 years old, my wife is 63 years old, we have been doing research on ourselves for around 12 now using our 3 protocols, electrolyzed reduced water as our daily drinking water and intermittent and extended fasting and a ketogenic diet, we do interval strength training, we always train when we are fasting, if it was true, that we would burn lean muscle while fasting then how in the world could 2 baby boomers look like this in a short time following our 3 protocols, documentation will always over rule conversation

Emily at 63-year-old baby boomer

Bill at 65-years-old baby boomer

Does this look like someone how is fasting losing lean muscle even at 65 years old, science has already proven that the body will do what ever it takes to survive.

bill dumbell curls

Remember what I wrote in my first blog, myth #1 “starvation mode” the human body evolved to survive periods of fasting. Our bodies stores energy as fat and will use the stored fat as energy when food is unavailable. Our bodies were designed to preserve muscle until your body fat got so low, say less than 4%, at that time the body has no choice but to burn to turn to muscle for energy.

Studies today of intermittent and extended fasting shows that the concern over muscle loss is largely miss understood or miss taught in our Universities.

One research showed by ( McCue, ed, Comparative Physiology of Fasting, Starvation, and food Limitation) by doing an every other day fasting for seventy days decreased body weight by 6%, but fat mass decreased by 11.4% and lean muscle mass ( muscle and bone) did not change, guys, this is real research showing this and be sides their graph also showed during fasting , the body switched from burning sugar (carbohydrate) to fat for energy, protein is spared, “WOW” .

When eating normally, you will get your energy from a mix of carbohydrates, fat, and protein. When you start to fast, the body will get its energy from carbohydrates at first, in other words, the body increases carbohydrate oxidation, what this means, it is burning sugar, in the form of glycogen that is being stored in your liver and muscles, for the first extended fasting, say you are doing a 24 hour fasting or a 48 hour fasting after you stop eating, your body will use up the stored up glycogen in the liver and muscle, when it runs out of glycogen, no more sugar to burn, the body then swatches over to burning fat, in other words fat oxidation increases as carbohydrate oxidation decreases toward zero, when this happens the magic begins, you are now tapping into the overall health benefits of fasting.

We can’t forget about protein oxidation, the research also shows burning protein, such as muscle, for fuel decreases.

This is really cool, how the body has its own internal mechanism to prevent diseases like cancer and many more. The body will take the old junk proteins that are floating around, the dead cells and reabsorb them into new proteins or flush them out, if the body did not go through a process called autophagy (slowing premature aging), those old protein have been linked to dementia, and Alzheimer’s and other diseases, can you see how important intermittent and extended fasting is for its own internal why of detoxing the body, and it did not cost you a penny.

Something to think about, why would your body store excess energy as fat if it meant to burn protein (muscles) as soon as the chips were down? Muscles and other proteins are functional tissues and have many purposes, muscles are not designed to store energy, glycogen, fat is stored for later to be used as energy when needed.

This is what most medical doctors and health professionals don’t realize, fasting is one of the most potent stimuli for growth hormone secretion, the function of our growth hormones is to help maintain lean muscle mass, if this is the case then how is fasting causing you to loss lean muscle, it is not.

Conclusion: Our bodies were designed to fast, otherwise famine cycles in Paleolithic times would have left us a ball of 100% fat, if it was true that fasting causes you to loss muscle and bones.

During your fasting, hormonal changes happen to give us more energy (increased adrenaline) and to preserve our lean muscles and bones (increased growth hormones).

This is natural and normal, don’t let your medical doctor or health professional tell you fasting is not healthy, they are both wrong, they both need to be educated by our founding fathers of medicine.

Scientific case studies

Augmented growth hormones (2 day extended fast had a 5-fold increase in men’s growth hormones).

Fasting enhances growth hormone secretion and amplifies the complex rhythms of growth hormone secretion in man. 2000 time higher in growth hormones doing extending fasting.

If you want more information msg us, no obligation the information is free.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A1
Weight loss Coach/ Strength and Conditioning Coach/ CMHS
What is in the water your family is drinking


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