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Myth, Fasting does not put you in “starvation mode”

December 17, 2017

Myth, Fasting does not put you in “starvation mode”

Two protocols that will help you lose that unwanted belly fat and slow premature aging, in other words Emily and I have found the fountain of youth.

These 2 protocols have been around for centuries and have been used by our founding fathers of medicine, yet western medicine still to this day do not recognize it.

Today I want to talk about one of the myth that the health professionals and medical professionals seem to touch on when it comes to intermittent and extended fasting, I will explain why it is a myth and why these professionals are wrong, they are giving wrong advice.

Fasting has been around even before Christ, it was commonly used by our founded fathers of medicine as a way to treat diseases, yet most of us today grew up believing some fundamental myths about the dangers of fasting, they are repeated so often by the health and medical professionals, the public have been brain washed, it is sad that our medical doctors and health professionals are miss leading the public because they are not educated in this field, what makes it worse, there is scientific proof that electrolyzed reduced water combined with intermittent and extended fasting has therapeutic effects on the body long term and can possibly prevent diseases like cancer and slow premature aging.

What is in your families daily drinking water?

Here is the list of the top myths that the health and medical professionals bring up, when it comes to intermittent fasting.

1. Fasting puts you in “starvation mode”
2. Fasting makes you burn muscle
3. Fasting cause low blood sugar
4. Fasting results in overeating
5. Fasting deprives the body of nutrients

“It’s just crazy”

I am going to touch on just one of them right now, I will be doing a blog post each one, one at a time, but before I get started I want you guys too order to books by Dr. Jason Fung, The Obesity Code, and The Complete Guide to Fasting. These two books will have science research in them to back up what I am saying here.

These Myths have been proven long ago wrong, but they persist today. Most people mistakenly believe fasting can cause health issues over time, research has shown has shown quite the opposite- when you see and read the decades of research there are significant number of health benefits.

Today we are going to touch on this myth (starvation mode), why this one first, it seems to be the one most of the public brings up first.

So many of the health professionals are telling their clients, you need to eat every 2 hours or you need to eat a minimum of three meals a day or you will starve and slow your metabolism down (BMR), this is their way to scare us away from missing even a single meals.

Starvation mode, refers to the notion that our (BMR), metabolism decreases and or bodies will eventually “shut down” in response to fasting, this just is not true, in Dr. Jason Fungs book, The complete Guide to Fasting he explain how to test this notion by looking at the basal metabolic rate, which measures the amount of energy that our body burns to function.

There are diets out there that will dramatically cause a reduction of the BMR, one of the most popular one is the calorie restricted diet, it has been well documented. In other words by slowing down your BMR you will not be able to lose that belly fat nor lose and body fat, so why do the weight loss coaches and health professionals still do daily calorie restricted diets, it is what they were taught.

Dr. Jason Fung says in studies with a baseline daily calorie consumption of 2500 calorie per day, by reducing calories by 1500 calories a day for a long period of time will result in a 25 to 30 percent reduction in your BMR, your BMR drops, no body fat loss.

Great example on how smart our body is. Suppose you eat 2000 calories daily then you cut back your calories because your trainer says too, he has you drop down to 1500 calories per day. Your body cannot run a deficit indefinitely- it will eventually run out of fat to burn, so it plans ahead and decreases your energy output expenditure, the end results will be a decrease in your BMR, this is why the calorie restricted diets don’t work long term and why they never will work, most of you already know that, how many of you went on a calorie restricted diet, and lost weight at first, what happened 6 months or a year later, most of you gain the weight back and more, calorie restricted diets are not set up for long term, this has been proven repeatedly by experiments over the last century, do your own research.

Because the public has been brain washed that fasting will put you in a “starvation mode”, Luckily during your fasting the BMR does not drop, think about this, if short term fasting dropped our metabolism, humans as a species would not likely survived. Think about the situation of repeated feast/famine cycle that our ancestors went through. Our ancestors had long winters, there were many days where no food was available. If fasting cause you to go into a “starvation mode” after the first episode, you would be severely weekend as your metabolism falls. Think about this, after several more repeated episodes you would be so weak that you would be unable to hunt or gather food, making you even weaker. If “starvation mode” excited during fasting the human species would not even have survived. Our bodies do not shut down in response to short-fasting.

One of the benefits of fasting is our metabolism revs up, not down, during fasting. This makes sense, if we do not eat, our bodies use our stored energy (fat) as fuel so that we can find more food, humans have not evolved to require three meals per day nor eat every two hours.

When our ancestors’ food intake goes to zero (fasting), our body cannot take BMR down to zero, we have to burn some calories just to stay alive. This is where your own hormones come into play, hormones allow the body to switch energy sources from food to body fat. After all, that is precisely why we carry body fat, to be used for food when no food is available. By feeding on our own fat, we increase the availability of “food” and this is matched by an increase in energy expenditure.

Studies have demonstrated this clearly. In one study, fasting every other day for twenty-two days resulted in no measurable decrease in BMR. There was no “starvation mode”, in fact, fat oxidation-fat burning increased 58% and carbohydrate oxidation decreased 53%. What does this mean, that the body has started to switch over from burning sugar to burning fat, with no overall drop in energy.

There was another study that was done on extended fasting, longer the 24 hours, fours continuous fasting increased BMR by 12%, noradrenaline, which prepares the body for action, increased by 117%, keeping energy levels high. Fatty acids in the bloodstream increased over 370% as the body switched over from burning food to burning fats.

You can go to Dr. Jason Fung books and get more science research that disproves fasting is unhealthy and may cause your BMR to drop or put you into “starvation mode”, not true.

The Aetiology of OBESITY PART 1

Part 2- Eating every 2 hrs may cause insulin resistant’s (The New Science of Diabesity)

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A1
Weight loss Coach/ Strength and conditioning Coach/CMHS


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