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Why do some people Fail when they Attempt Intermittent and Extended Fasting?

December 13, 2017

Why do some people Fail when they Attempt Intermittent and Extended Fasting?

That is a great question, human nature is, when it comes to losing that unwanted belly fat or body fat is to find the fastest and easiest way to lose that weight, that is how most of you are wired.

This is what is driving the supplement companies to make millions, with their advertisements stating you use this pill or lotion or meal replacement drink you are going to lose weight.

At first maybe, short term, but it does come with long term side effects, you are looking for a way to lose that weight by using your own bodies natural mechanism that is free and works long term, you need the tools that activate it, this leads into our number one reason people fail when they attempt to do intermittent and extended fasting for the first time.

For those of you that may think you can not a fast think about this, you are already fasting every day and you do not even know it, watch the live video above, it will explain what I mean- Every living person that sleeps is fasting.

Basically, stop eating breakfast 3 times a week, have your last meal around 5 to 7 pm, it is that simple, you are already fasting every day, think about it, are you eating when you are sleeping, most of you are not hungry when you wake up right? What 2 hours before you have your first meal, guess what you have just extend your fasting period.

1.Education- You need to understand the science behind intermittent fasting, why it is so beneficial for your overall health. You need to understand how hormones are the root cause of why you have that unwanted belly fat or body fat, when you understand how intermittent and extended fasting helps to control the hormones that are making you fat or you may be having a hard time losing body fat even though you are doing everything your training is telling you. People are uneducated when they first get involved, that jump right in and try to do 24 hour fast, you are setting yourself up for failure. Two books you need to read The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung.

2.Protocols- This is a big one, I have had people come up to my wife and I and ask us, how did you guys get in such good shape at your age LOL, your skin looks great, we have been watching you guys working out, you don’t seem to age. I will mention to them we have 2 protocols we follow that has given us the results you see in a short amount of time. I do not give them too much information, what happens is, they come back to us a few days later and tell us they went on google to investigate intermittent fasting, this is what happens every time, there are so many ways to do intermittent fasting, where do I start I am so confused, that is the issue, people see how other people are doing intermittent fasting and get confused and decide, I can’t do this. Check out the pictures below of my wife and I, I wanted you to see what 2 baby boomers look like after a few months of doing our 2 protocols, documentation will always over rule conversation.

This is my wife at 63 years-old

Emily 62 June 15 2017

This is my before picture at 58-years -old

bill 2

This is me today Dec 2017 at 65-years -old

Bill 65 june 15 2017

Seniors there is no aged limit to intermittent fasting, it will benefit all ages.

3.Coaching (Guidance) Don’t try to do it by yourself, find a coach that has been doing it himself for a long time, who looks like they are in great shape, they need to be the product of the product, why in the world would you have a coach that is overweight try to tell you how intermittent and extended fasting works, how does that make sense, he or she needs to look the part. My wife and I have been doing research on intermittent and extended fasting for some time now, we have developed several protocols that will work with any bodies life style, this is the key to your success, finding the protocol that works for your lifestyle.

Conclusion- Intermittent and extended fasting will be the new way to control body fat and to have overall health long term very soon, the sad thing is, this lifestyle is not new our ancestors did this, it was a way of life, our founding fathers of medicine, even before Christ use this method on people that were suffering from some type of diseases, our bodies have always been set up to fast, it was the natural way to detox the body from old dead cells, old junky proteins floating around, and to regenerate new stem cells, along with controlling our hormones, today western diet is to eat every 2 hours or have five to six meals a day, you are not giving your body the natural way to detox itself, this will cause you to be acidic and cause inflammation, the root cause to diseases like cancer.

If this makes sense to you, msg us, we can point you in the right direction, we can give you the information on our 2 protocols, so far, we are 100% success rate on people we have helped when they have been consistent on these to protocols by committing to 120 to 180 days, no obligations.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A1

Weight loss Coach/ Strength and Conditioning Coach/CMHS

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