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Three of the most powerful protocols that will help slow premature aging and cost you pennies per day long term.

December 8, 2017

Three of the most powerful protocols that will help slow premature aging and cost you pennies per day long term.

How many of you out there knows someone that has spent thousands of dollars trying to keep themselves from aging?

People are spending thousands dollars for face lefts every few years, they are spending hundreds of dollars monthly on supplements or some type of magical juice and face lotions, most of this stuff has some type of chemical or heavy metals in them. The problem with all this stuff, they are all short term and you are not addressing to root cause why you are premature aging.

Research has already proved, your body has its own mechanism that will slow premature aging naturally, long term, you just have to give it the right tools.

These are the cheapest and easiest way to slow premature aging.

1. You have to change the type of water you are drinking daily (electrolyzed reduced water aka molecular hydrogen H2) helps with oxidative stress, inflammation, hydration at the cellular level, neutralizes free radical damage, slow premature aging, hydrating the skin, putting your body into a slight alkaline environment and build a strong immune system to help fight diseases like cancer, and will help build a healthy gut, these are just a few of the health benefits you will get by changing your families daily drinking water to electrolyzed reduced water.

Google Scholar- Electrolyzed reduced water anti-aging

Clinical Studies and Research on Electrolyzed-Reduced Water for many Diseases models

Live demo on the truth about what really is in your daily drinking water

MSNBC׃ Pharmaceuticals in US Water Supply

Dangers of bottle water*

2. Intermittent and extended fasting- stem cell Regeneration(autophagy), the body’s natural way to detoxify, getting rid of all the dead and damage cells, helps to lower your fat storage hormone insulin, helps to produce testosterone and growth hormones to help lose body fat and put on lean muscle, and to help with slowing done premature aging, this is just a few of the health benefits when doing intermittent and extended fasting.

Scientific case studies

Scientific case study


Intermittent Fasting Promotes Multi-System Regeneration (slowing premature aging)

3. Homemade fermented kefir- massive amounts of fresh live probiotics to help feed the good gut bacteria for a healthy gut, the gut is one of the most important 1st line of defense to help fight diseases like cancer, and to help build a strong immune system 70 to 80% of your immune system is in your gut, that is the number one system to fight diseases like cancer, if you have an unhealthy gut you have an unhealth immune system, you also will have an unhealthy brain, why? Because they are attached. If your gut is unhealthy you also will not have a healthy digestive system, if the gut is sick you are not utilizing the nutrients from the food you are eating. Kefir also gives you massive amounts of fresh live enzymes to help you digest your foods, you are also getting massive amounts of fresh live B vitamins. If you give your gut the tools it needs to be healthy you will slow premature aging, there are many more health benefits that I did not list when doing kefir daily. Oh, almost forget to mention, if you have any stomach issues, and I mean any, try this for 120 days, and if you add the 2 protocols above for 120 days you will be amazed, how would you like to get off medication that is causing more damage to your body, take the time research the side effects of your medication, 100% of them have some type of side effect long term, and what is sad they don’t even list them all.

Important of probiotics and prebiotics for a healthy gut (kefir and Sauerkraut) great article

Podcast Episode 7: 7 Reasons I Have Kefir Every Day

Benefits of kefir research

Conclusion- Do you see the big picture here, you put these three protocols together you now have a way for your own body to naturally slow down premature aging and at the same time you will be controlling the root cause of your unwanted belly fat and obesity, diabetes (insulin hormone).

Stop spending hundreds of dollars per month on potions and lotions and supplements to make you look younger, that is only short term, your body already has the mechanism built in to do that, you just have to give it the right tools.

If this makes sense to you msg us, we will point you in the right direction, the information is free, no obligations.

Before picture of me at 57 years old

After picture of me at 65 years old

Picture of my wife at 63 years old

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