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Intermittent and extended fasting is the Key to Long Term Health and Belly Fat Loss (body fat) “WHY”

November 25, 2017

Intermittent and extended fasting is the Key to Long Term Health and Belly Fat Loss (body fat) “WHY”

Most health professionals out there have no Idea how important intermittent and extended fasting is for your overall health and how it will help you keep that unwanted belly fat or body fat off long term, that should be your real goal, long term weight loss. The problem is the health professionals don’t teach this method of losing body fat, their brain and education is still on the western way of dieting, restricted dieting, and calories in calories out diets, they don’t work, they never will, and they never have, they are only designed to work short term, if they did then why are we still having an obesity epidemic here in the U.S. with adults and now young kids.

You need to take your family’s health in your own hands, do your investigations, educate yourself, your family depends on this to protect them from diseases like cancer.

Here is something you might want to think about intermittent and extended fasting, it has been practiced since the beginning of time, by humans and animals, and still is today, what is crazy our ancestors of medicine use this method to treat their patients, with great success.

Okay, so let’s dive into why you should do intermittent and extended fasting, here you will learn the root cause of why you have that belly fat and why it is so hard to get off.

Hormones are everything, no matter what people say about calorie restricted diets, calories in calories out diets, the simple fact of the matter is, hormones are the catalyst of everything our body does, if we change how are hormones are we will change our bodies internal outlook on everything when it comes to physical looks and mental health.

Let’s talk about fasting effects on hormones, we are going to talk about 5 hormones.

I will break it down and show you how fasting and electrolyzed reduced water, yes that is right, the type of water you are drinking also has a huge place in overall health and weight loss, you put these two together you have the key to be successful long term when it comes to losing that belly fat, check out this short video that will show you why your family needs to change the type of water they are drinking to electrolyzed reduced water if this made sense msg us for more information and how you might be able to try the water for yourself at no cost.

Hormone Estrogen- why am I starting with this hormone? Because it is a huge topic right now, even the news media are now saying that the rivers here in the U.S have high levels of estrogen in the water, they also have research showing that the high levels of estrogen in the rivers are causing fish to change sex, guess what guys, you are drinking this water right out of you tap, you see now why you might want to change your family’s drinking water, everyone is also talking about testosterone vs. estrogen.

Estrogen in abundance is going to slow down your metabolism, it will also affect your bodies ability to utilize testosterone in a beneficial fashion.

Fasting improves something called autophagy it is the bodies natural process of recycling old wasteful cells, in short, it is the bodies way of cell eating process, when I say cell eating process I mean breaking down old wasted cells, cells that we not using anymore, cells from tendons, cells from ligaments, old amino acids, old proteins, they get broke down and recycle and or excreted, this also happens to excess estrogen as well when you fast, when you fast you are putting your body in a state of break down as is, you are breaking fats, you are breaking down proteins, you are breaking down carbs your body is in that hard reset mode, this allows our body to recycle cells.

This means it is recycling of excess estrogen and rebalancing testosterone and estrogen in the body, for men when estrogen is high and testosterone low they may be an issue with the prostate.

If estrogen is higher than that means testosterone is lower, your body is going to be using more of the estrogen, we need to shift that paradigm, reduce the estrogen so the testosterone is more available, that is what we really want to focus on fasting is the one way that will lower your estrogen levels.

Hormone testosterone- Intermittent and extended fasting especially extended fasting has a huge effect on testosterone, one thing stands true overall, every time you eat your testosterone levels fall temporally, it is simple, and it has been proven, there has been studies that show every time we eat our testosterone levels decrease for 3 hours even more, if you are consistently eating you are lowering your testosterone levels.

There is a study that was done by European Journal of Endocrinology on Luteinizing hormones and testosterone. Luteinizing hormone is the communication system between the brain and the testes to produce testosterone, this study took the impact fasting had on luteinizing hormones with both obese individuals and non-obese individuals, here is what they found, obese men that were fasting had a 26% increase in luteinizing hormones by fasting, resulting in an amazing 180% increase in available testosterone for both non- obese and obese men, we all know how important a good level of testosterone is for our hormonal balance and how about for building lean muscle to help with weight loss and to slow premature aging, you seniors like me, this is a most when we age, as we get older our testosterone drops, if you seniors are looking to slow premature aging , get off those meds and be in the best shape of your life, you need to do these 2 thing, first change the type of water you are drinking to electrolyzed reduced water and educate yourself about the health benefits intermittent and extended fasting has for you seniors, the byproduct of increase testosterone is losing that belly fat.

If you give your digestive system a break by not eating all the time by fasting, and not lowering your testosterone levels by eating, you are instigating your body to produce more testosterone.

For you weekend warriors out there or even those of you who are training to go on stage, you produce your own natural testosterone and growth hormones, do you think this might be much healthier for you long term, and be sides, you will get much better results if looking for better performances or even going on stage because your body is producing its own natural hormones, synthetic hormones you are using either over the counter or injections are dangerous for your health, I know this for a fact, I almost died from the side effects of using injection testosterone shots.

Insulin- Insulin is simple, it is a hormone that is to store fat, it is the number one root cause to obesity and diabetes, why is this?

Because you are insulin resistant, you have a lot of blood sugar floating around, high blood sugar equals bad.

This is where I myself had to completely change my mind set to the root cause of weight gain and belly fat when you get older (hormonal imbalance) it has nothing to do with food intake it’s all about hormonal imbalance.

All foods cause insulin production, what if you are eating every 2 hours, you are consistently producing insulin. Insulin helps to get the sugar into the cell, so it can be used for energy, so, what happens when the cell is too full of sugar and the insulin is still being produced because you are eating 4 to 5 meals a day, that extra sugar has to go somewhere right, it goes right into the blood, you then become insulin resistance and possibly a diabetic, the excess sugar will be stored as fat.

Guys this is a no brainier, When you are doing intermittent and extended fasting you are no longer producing insulin, your body needs glucose for energy to survive, your body will pull the stored up fat you have in your bodies bank account and convert it back into glucose and burn it for energy, it is that simple, you think may be if you did a 24 or 48 or even a 72 hour fast without producing any insulin, you might lose some body fat and benefit from spiking your testosterone and growth hormones to help slow premature aging and add more lean muscle, that is exactly how it works guys.

Cortisol- Insulin and cortisol are different, cortisol is the flight or fight hormone, cortisol is getting a bad rap, most of you think it is terrible, the truth is, it has dual purpose, cortisol can induce fat storage and fat loss.

It is true that cortisol can induce fat gain it is with the wrong foods.

Cortisol helps you increase your hormone sensitive lipase, which tells your body to burn fat, it also increases lipoprotein lipase which gives your body ability to store fat. So, how do we use cortisol to produce more of the lipase to burn fat and less of the lipoprotein lipase that store fat.

It all has to do with what you are eating and when you are eating.

When we are fasting we are not eating, so that means we are producing more of the lipase from cortisol, we are going to burn more fat, in that stress out mode, we are in that flight or fright mode because we are fasting, so, the body is freaking out, that’s ok, if food was in the equation while we were stressed out it would be a whole different ball game our body would store it as fat.

Food is not present when you are fasting, that is the point, you do not have food in the system, so, you are only leveraging that positive benefit of cortisol, like I said, cortisol has a dual purpose when it comes to fat utilization and fat storage.

The short of the story is fasting will help your body use cortisol to your advantage.
Studies have shown that fasting will increase your cortisol levels by 50%, the university of Virginia did the research.

Human Growth Hormone- HGH is naturally produce in the pituitary gland in our brain, if by fasting we can naturally harness our naturally ability to create it, that is the healthiest way to go.

HGH will help with building more muscle, we will recovery faster after a hard training session, and we are rejuvenating our skin, we also are slowing down premature aging, we are getting a lot of positive benefits when doing the extended fasting.

So, what about the science when it comes to fasting and HGH. The JSEM (The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism) found that even after a short fast that fasting improve your HGH levels by 5X, there have been other research done that showed 1250% in increase in HGH, those are extended periods of fasting.

Fasting is giving us a massive amount of HGH, also we are seeing us having multiple spikes of HGH throughout the day. Normally we only have a spike at night and in the morning, of HGH. Fasting allows us to have HGH spike throughout the course of period in which we are fasting, that means fat burning is coming from the HGH while we are not consuming foods, you are double the fat burning because we have an increase in HGH while we are already not consuming foods.

In conclusion- These are just a few of the health benefits you get when doing intermittent and extended fasting, now, if you combine this with electrolyzed reduced water as your source of drinking water daily you have now tapped into two of the most powerful protocols to help you and your family to have the ability to survive in the toxic environment from diseases like cancer.

Check this short video that shows how toxic the water is your family is drinking daily if this make sense msg us we will point you in the right direction, you will also find out how you can sample electrolyzed reduced water for free, no obligations.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A1
Strength and Conditioning Coach/ CMHS
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