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The Six biggest mistakes that people make when Intermittent fasting.

August 13, 2017

The Six biggest mistakes that people make when Intermittent fasting.

First, intermittent fasting is not new, our ancestors lived by this, our bodies were designed to go through this process, and science now knows the huge health benefits when doing intermittent fasting.

These are the six biggest reason I feel that people do when they are doing intermittent fasting, intermittent fasting is flexible so there is no excuse why someone cannot do it, there is a protocol that will fit everyone’s life style.

1.What to eat when you come off a fast.

A lot of people who are doing intermittent fasting come off their fasting by eating processed foods and are still seeing success in weight loss, we choose not to do that. For us we want to come off our fasting with highly nutritional dense foods (lots of good raw fats) we just went through a healing and detoxing of toxic waste at the cellular level as well as detoxifying our organs, why would we want to put toxic waste and toxic chemicals back into our healthy new cells and organs, processed foods are poisonous to the body. We have experienced both ways, by far we have felt better on a highly nutritional dense meal after a fast, we felt horrible after we ate a meal that was processed, and be sides we want results as fast as possible, eating processed foods after a fast will slow your results down like weight loss and anti-aging.

2.Adding creamers and those so called healthy sugars to your Coffee and Tea when Fasting.

During your fasting it is very important that you monitor what you are drinking, and what is in your drink, you do not want to break your fast by putting something in your coffee or tea that will produce an insulin spike, the whole idea of fasting is not producing any insulin during your fasting (you don’t eat you lose weight) remember the hormone insulin tells the body to store fat for energy, you are looking to burn fat for energy, that is what will happen when you are no longer producing insulin you will only burn that unwanted stored fat. We drink our coffee black, we do not chew gum or use a mouth wash or a tooth paste that has some type of sugar in it etc, we use 2.5 very strong acid water that will kill 99.9% of all bacteria, we have an Enagic electrolysis device that produces the strong 2.5 water it is what we use as our tooth paste and mouth washing while fasting the bottom line is beware of what you are drinking when fasting, in other words stick to lots of water we drink electrolyzed reduced water with natural electrolytes and a very powerful antioxidant check out the video link above, stick to water, black coffee, unsweetened green tea, we also do homemade kombucha.

3.Consuming BCAA or ELECTROLYTE supplement powders

Those of you that workout DO NOT put any BCAA or electrolyte powders or any recovery powder supplement in your water at the gym, if you do you have just broken your fast.

4.Not drinking enough water (Electrolytes)

Most of the public does not know this, bottle water, those so-called supplements electrolyte powders or mineral waters that tell you each glass of these type of waters has all the electrolytes in them, not true! Man cannot mimic nature, the best source of electrolytes comes from nature in your uncontaminated ground water, the problem is the ground water is contaminated, there is a solution we have a Enagic electrolysis device that takes our tap water converts into the most strongest antioxidant and electrolytes on the plant, we are drinking daily electrolyzed reduced water, you can go to google scholar a science research site type in electrolyzed reduced water, there you will see all the scientific case studies showing the benefits of drinking electrolyzed reduced water daily. When fasting you need to get a good source of electrolytes into your body it is important that you stay hydrated. Not only Are We drinking electrolyzed reduced water for the best source of electrolytes we also do Himalayan sea salt protocol, Himalayan sea salt is another good source of natural electrolytes. Those of you that are first starting out on a fasting protocol sometimes you will go into what we call waves of a little hunger pain, most of the time this means you are thirsty as soon as you drink a big glass of the right water it will go away, what we do if and when we feel this we have a ¼ tsp of Himalayan sea salt with 20 oz of electrolyzed reduced water feeling gone. We drink at least 1.5 gals of our structured water daily, check out this link for more info on electrolylzed reduced water

5.Not having enough electrolytes

This is a big one, I covered why this is so important above go back read it again, this could be why so many people have a hard time staying on their fasting protocol.

6.You make it so complicated

There is a fasting protocol that will fit every bodies lifestyle, there is no excuses why you cannot do fasting and receive the health benefits and lose that unwanted body fat. Go to this blog post it will show you the different fasting protocols we do and how we fit it into daily situations that come up in real life.

Blog Post

Check out what Dr.Jason Fung, author of The Obesity Code says about calories restricted diets why they do not work

Tip- for those of you that work out, my wife will put a 1/2 tsp sea salt in her 64 oz water bottle to take to the gym she drinks it all by the time she is done working out, I do 1 tsp in my gallon jug, not only does this help us make sure we get enough electrolytes during our fasting it also helps with regulating the flow of fluids through the cell at the cellular level and helps flush out inflammation and metabolic waste that is produced from exercising, these two baby boomers never get sore after a hard training session, just because we are seniors doesn’t mean we don’t lift heavy we still can power lift.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Fitness Coach/ Strength and Conditioning Coach/ CMHS
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