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Western Diet vs. Intermittent Fasting

July 27, 2017

The western diet vs. Intermittent fasting

Before at 57 years old after picture 65 years old

Baby boomers why do you feel it is too late to live a healthy life style, you are wrong it is never too late you just have to make the choice are you done feeling sick and done with taking all those old people medications and are you done with making your doctor rich.

Do these three things in order and have us educate you on why they work so well “documentation will always over rule conversation”

1.You have to change the type of water you are drinking, your body is 75% water, water is the number one transport system for nutrients and the right type of water with structure flushes out inflammation and slows down pre-mature aging, most of you are drinking water that is toxic and causing inflammation and pre-mature aging, the number one cause of all diseases is inflammation, bottle water, tap water, RO water, sodas, sports drinks and those so called alkaline bottle waters you are buying at the health food store, hydrogen rich water (Enagic) flushes out inflammation and will slow pre-mature aging, this is the key to losing that body fat long term this is huge that’s why it is first watch this short video ( the water is free to try for two weeks)

2.You need to be educated on intermittent fasting, why did our ancestors do this, because it will control your body fat and there is a lot of health benefits and the key point, your body was made to do intermittent fasting, guys and gals it is not that hard to do most of the fasting is at night while you are asleep you will be amazed on how you will feel, those of you that are diabetics and on insulin you want to reverse this science already knows it works and it is free, your doctor want tell you about this, why would he it will affect his wallet. Check out my blog post on intermittent fasting

3.Exercise, if you want faster results start exercising at least 3 days a week, have a fitness coach set you up on an exercise program that fits you, just walking 3 days a week will escalate the fat loss.

It must be your choice no one else’s I made the choice check it out before and after pictures
Before picture Bill on a western diet at 56 years old after picture Bill change the type of water he was drinking to hydrogen rich water (Enagic) first then started on intermittent brunch fasting and an exercise program Free Ebook

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/Strength and Conditioning Coach/CMHS


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