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The proper way to share hydrogen rich water

July 19, 2017

How Bill shares water simple and duplicatable 2017 (Alkaline Lifestyle Pro Team)

Team let’s keep this business fun, we do not sell machines we do not try to convince people to try the water or buy an Enagic device and we do not chase people. Let the tools (DVD) do the convincing, you need to keep your mouth shut and hand them a DVD like I use to do and for some reason I stopped, it has always worked, the DVD explains why this water is different you can go to order a 10 pk kangen 20 min DVD.
This is how I do it

When someone asked me about the water am drinking I tell them it has hydrogen H2 in the water, they want to know what is that, its water that will help flush out inflammation and has anti-aging properties, do you want to know more about it if they say yes give them the kangen 20 min DVD get their contact info and tell them you need the DVD back in two days, be sure to always get it back, If they are out of the area have then go to let them know after they have watched the DVD if it makes since you will share water with them for free for a couple weeks no obligation, be sure to give them the how to drink kangen water protocol go over it with them when you drop off the water go to Alkaline lifestyle facebook page like it go to files and make a copy of the form, be sure to tell them during the trial period you will be sending them a couple of education links for them to watch follow up with them to make sure they have watch them it is part of the trail period protocol, the education links are at the bottom of this form.

I have a second DVD that I will give to someone that shows interest on the Enagic business plan I DO NOT try to explain it, a week in their trail period or when you think they are ready give them DVD you can get a 10 pk, I will tell them on their first drop off of water there is a second DVD they will need to watch as part of the protocol. Toward the end of the trial period I will text them let them know their trail period is coming to an end you can go to the teal facebook page and see the form I use for end of trail, I personally never ask for a sale at this point I wait for them to ask what is the next step, if they do not ask, I thank them for trying the water and walk away, many times I have had them come back to me and purchase a device once they have been off the water for a couple weeks.
Educational video links

First drop off
MSNBC׃ Pharmaceuticals in US Water Supply

Dangers of bottle water*

Two days later
Simple truth not all water is the same

two days later
Fitness experts on kangen water

Two days later
Kangen water and Doctors*

Two days later
Slide show on Enagic gold seal enagic compared to other machines

You buy your water bags for sharing water from Gerry at

Keep this simple teach this to your new business prospects you will see how much more fun it is and no pressure.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A


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