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How to lose that unwanted body fat without spending hundreds of dollars monthly

June 15, 2017

How to lose that unwanted body fat without spending hundreds of dollars monthly

Do you want to lose that unwanted body fat and keep it off without spending 2 to 300 dollars a month for those so-called weight loss supplements and meal replacements meals, it can be done and the cool things it’s not that hard? Start by detoxifying the body daily at the cellular level with hydrogen rich water for a couple of weeks before you even change the foods you eat, you mean while I am drinking hydrogen rich water I do not have to change the foods am eating, that’s right, how can that be? The properties of hydrogen rich water will help flush out the impurities that are stored up in your trillion+ cells and help change your taste buds so those processed foods you like so much they will not taste as good, what is really cool, hydrogen rich water will also help your body metabolize the fat cells in your body and use them for energy.

Your next step cook less meals and eat more raw fruits and vegetables be sure you are eating toxic free foods, how do we find foods that are free from pesticides and herbicides, you will have to msg me so we can point you in the right direction meanwhile here is a short video on how we are able to clean the toxic chemicals off our organic fruits and vegetables Hydrogen rich water 11.5 strong alkaline water removes pesticides from our foods/organic K8

For example, start off by only eating one cooked meal per day, over time you will start only cooking 2 to 3 meals per week, when this happens you will save a ton of money by not having to keep buying vitamins, all those probiotics and digestive supplements, the best source of minerals and vitamins and probiotics, digestive enzymes will always be in your toxic free uncooked foods. The key to this protocol and why it works so well will, you have to drink at least 128 oz of hydrogen rich water per day and follow our water protocol consistently if you do this you will see the results you are looking for msg us free information no obligations Free Ebook

Ooops, forgot to mention hydrogen rich water does have a side effect, it’s anti-aging or what us baby boomers like to say it slows pre-mature aging.

Documentation will always over rule conversation. By the way hydrogen rich water also slows pre-mature aging science is already proving this, check the two baby boomers out who have been drinking hydrogen rich water for 6 years.

Check out this before picture of a baby boomer at 60 and the after picture at 62 (6/13/17) she followed the water protocol and eating platform consistently, this could be you, remember all good things take time and you have to be consistent, msg us we can guide you.

Here we have me, the before picture before I started on Hydrogen rich water and changed my eating platform, because I was so over weight I developed medical issues as well as cancer then after I realized I needed to change my life style and learned how hydrogen rich water could make it simpler, this is me today at 65 years old, this just shows it is never to late.

You add this to the protocol above you will lose body fat much faster.
1. Brunch intermittent fasting
2. interval strength training 3 days per week
3. interval cardio 3 days a week 20 min max

Bil & Emily Mabry 6A
Fitness and Wellness Coach/CMHS

Free Ebook


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