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The structure of your drinking water determines how it hydrates you at the cellular level

April 24, 2017

The structure of your drinking water determines how it hydrates you at the cellular level

Most of the public does not understand true hydration at the cellular level, think about this why when you drink bottle water or those sports drinks you are still thirsty, here is THE answer, the bottom line is bottle water, tap water, sports drinks, recovery drinks, and those so called alkaline waters you are spending big bucks for at the health food stores all are contaminated with toxic chemicals that can cause cancer.

Look at the picture below every cell has little water channels the water molecules must go in single file, the bottle water you are drinking, the water molecules are in big clusters because they are carrying toxic chemicals, the toxic water molecules are attracted to each other, that is why they are in clusters of 20+, this was discovered by two noble prize researchers/scientists around 2001 that is why so few people know about it.

Check it out, on both sides of the cell it is positive, bottle water, tap water, city water and those so called alkaline waters you buy at health food stores are positive due to the toxic chemicals they are carrying, two positive molecules do not attract, hydrogen rich water is a powerful antioxidant that has a negative charge, your trillion cells will let that negative charge molecule down the channel to hydrate your cells and flush out the toxins and inflammation. If you have some type of inflammation the structure of this water gives it the ability to flush out inflammation, inflammation is the root cause of all diseases like cancer, do you see the big picture here.


Msg us for more info find out how you can go on a free water trail with no obligations for 2 weeks’ hydrogen rich water the best water to hydrate the body at the cellular level.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/Strength and Conditioning Coach/CMHS


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