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“WARNING” High Levels of Bad Estrogen found in the drinking water causing Fish to Change Sex?

March 29, 2017

“WARNING” High Levels of Bad Estrogen found in the drinking water causing Fish to Change Sex?

When it comes to your drinking water, chances are you never really considered that estrogen was there to begin with.

But the facts are in; the presence of estrogen and estrogen related compounds in your drinking water is more than likely, especially if you prefer to have yours bottled.

With the effect of estrogen ravaging men’s sexuality and psyche, it should be obvious that you would want to remove it-but the question now is; how do I?

There is a high chance that any source of water you drink is contaminated with estrogen, or estrogen like hormone disruptors. Sure, you may be of the opinion that bottled water is better, but it is far from the case. Why? Because proper filtration is expensive.

Medical drugs in the water, estrogen in the drinking water changes the sex of fish, could this happen to humans.

Dangers of bottle water*

Manufacturers ensure their product is free from bacteria, pyrogens or lethal contaminants, but hardly spare a thought for the more subliminal ones, such as the estrogen and related products.

Scientific case studies estrogen side effects in drinking water

Research is also showing high levels of estrogen in the body may be linked to cancer, they have now found high levels of estrogen in rivers, bottle water, tap water, they also found that in some rivers the estrogen level is so high fish are changing sex, what is up with this, think about this, your body is 75% water you and your kids are drinking bottle water with high levels of estrogen what do you think is going to happen over time, could this be way child cancer is on the rise and child diabetes is also on the rise, parents take control of your families’ health put health at the top of you to do list, your kids depend on it. You must change the type of water your family is drinking to hydrogen rich water science research proves this to be the best drinking water, msg me for a free trail for two weeks so you can see for yourself no obligations.

cancer estrogen

Surprisingly, tap water is less likely to be contaminated with estrogen, as government regulates and makes disclosures about the quality of supply to the public, something that private manufacturers are not mandated to do. So, what does that mean? You are better off drinking water from the tap, although in lot of cases city water is starting to see more estrogen in the water, be sides is the water district really telling you the truth, think about that.

You may not be able to eliminate estrogen interference from all sources, but water is one of the main sources that you can control. By having an electrolysis device that hooks up to your home faucet you can eliminate estrogen, the structure of the water goes through a change that helps the body detoxify daily this will eliminate any toxic chemical that are built up in your cells short video on how it works

Short video on why electrolyzed reduced water is a health benefit for the body

Japanese have been using this device for over four decades, you can go to my msg me we give the water away for free for two weeks so you can see for yourself no obligations.

Free Ebook

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/CMHS


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