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Nutrition and Cancer: 5 things every Cancer Patient needs to Know.

March 28, 2017

Nutrition and Cancer: 5 things every Cancer Patient needs to Know.

Anyone who has cancer and is doing western treatment needs to go to educate yourself your life depends on it.

You also need to know your oncologist are not always telling you the truth, they have no nutritional education, how many of you had your oncologist give you a nutritional program to change the way you are eating, have they told you how important good gut bacteria is to fight cancer, have they told you that chemo and radiation does not kill cancer stem cells, most likely you will get cancer in a different part of your body a few years later, have they told you that, the question is “WHY” have they not mentioned this, it’s all about what goes in their pocket, ask them this question, how much money do you make off of me when I do chemo and radiation see what happens, this is a question you need to know.

Here are some Scientific case studies you can show your oncologist.

Breast cancer and many other cancers are resistance to chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
recent work in several different cancers has suggested the CSC population as a source of chemotherapy and radiation-therapy resistance within tumors. Work in glioblastoma and breast cancers supports the idea that CSCs may possess innate resistance mechanisms against radiation- and chemotherapy-induced cancer cell death, allowing them to survive and initiate tumor recurrence.

Although chemotherapy kills most cells in a tumor, it is believed to leave tumor stem cells behind, which might be an important mechanism of resistance

The New England Journal of Medicine

Our results lead us to conclude that the routine practice of administering several cycles of conventional induction chemotherapy followed by a single course of high-dose chemotherapy and stem-cell rescue cannot be recommended for women with metastatic breast cancer.


Alternative strategies to improve the results of this therapy are being evaluated and include efforts to minimize the development of resistance to chemotherapy during induction chemotherapy; attempts to improve the processing and purging of stem cells; post-transplantation chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and immune modulation to eliminate minimal residual disease; and the use of multiple cycles of dose-intensive therapy. These and other approaches should be investigated in well-designed trials to improve the treatment options and outlook for patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Cancer Stem Cells in Breast Cancer (CSCs)

In addition, we especially focus on the CSCs of breast cancer since the use of neoadjuvant chemotherapy can lead to the enrichment of CSCs in patients with that disease.

Let’s get the truth right out the gate, no medication, chemo, radiation, surgery will ever cure your cancer, how in the world can your immune system fight cancer when all you are doing is putting poison right back into your body. Guys God gave you the immune system to fight all diseases, 80% of your immune system is in your gut, western cancer treatment destroys your good gut bacteria, your immune system is so depressed it cannot and will not be able to fight off any diseases, why doesn’t your oncologist tell you this story?

Cancer and acid

Essentially there’s five main reasons why all cancer patients need to use nutrition as part of their comprehensive cancer treatment.

Number one, nutrition actually is a big part of the malnutrition. Forty percent of cancer patients die of malnutrition, not of the cancer.

Cancer is a wasting disease. Appetite is affected. You end up in the hospital with food that you’re unfamiliar with. Chemo and radiation can induce cachexia or lean tissue loss. So, malnutrition kills 40 percent of cancer patients. The only therapy for that is proper nutrition. It sometimes needs to be aggressive with the metabolic support team such as total parenteral [taken in a form other than through the digestive tract] nutrition and other things.

Number two is that nutrition can help to make chemo, radiation, and surgery more of a selective therapy. In other words, chemo and radiation are non-selective toxins. They’re cytotoxic poisons. They kill everything in their pathway. And there is what they call “collateral damage.” So, a patient who is receiving chemo is going to have a certain amount of hair loss, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, all as part of the chemo. But nutrition can make chemo, radiation, and surgery more selectively toxic to the tumor and less toxic to the patient.

If you choose to do western cancer treatment you need to bombard your body with the most powerful antioxidant on this planet, active hydrogen you find in hydrogen rich water, you need to hydrate yourself with this water daily 1+ gal per day you can msg me for a free two week trail no obligation, check out the scientific case studies showing the benefits of hydrogen rich water on degenerative diseases like cancer, even your oncologist can not deny science, if he does then you need to find another doctor he is only thinking about his pocket book.

Scientific case studies

Molecular hydrogen H2 helps with chemo side effects.

Click on to the full PDF
New research on Clinical Effects of Hydrogen Administration: From Animal and Human Diseases to Exercise Medicine more research

Multiple scientific case studies on the benefits of electrolyzed reduced water even for the biggest skeptic.

Why can’t we get the oncologist and the nutritionist and the cancer patient in the same room together and they all have the goal of beating this cancer. And the fact is a well nourished cancer patient can better manage the disease and the therapies that are used for it. So, number two is nutrition makes chemo more of a rifle rather than a hand grenade.

Number three, we find that cancer is a sugar feeder. Cancer is what’s called an obligate glucose metabolizer. Meaning that there’s a dramatic uptake of glucose in the cells of tumor cells. If you can lower gut and blood glucose you can help to slow down cancer. There’s a number of therapies now that target this whole unique Achilles heel of the cancer cells.

Think about this one, those of you that have cancer, did your oncologist tell you at your first appointment you need to stop eating any type of refined sugars, eating a lot of starchy carbohydrates, limit your fruits, most of the people I talked not one could tell that their oncologist ever mentioned this.

Number four, we find that your immune system is supposed to recognize and destroy cancer cells. In a cancer patient the immune system has failed its duties. There has to be some ways of up-regulating the immune system. So that’s a whole study in itself.

You must give your immune system the right tools to its job, hydrogen rich water with active hydrogen to hydrate you daily, raw uncooked vegetables and fruits to build a strong healthy gut, and a positive mindset.

Why is the water you are drinking bad for you check out this short video?

Scientific case studies showing the benefits for diseases like cancer

Brandon J Dixon Loma Linda University Medical School

Effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on the quality of life of patients treated with radiotherapy for liver tumors

We cannot forget how important good gut health is to prevent and reverse cancer here are some great articles that show how important live raw fresh probiotics and digestive enzymes are for a health gut.

Surfacing role of probiotics in cancer prophylaxis and therapy: A systematic review.

Probiotics-mediated suppression of cancer.

Research is also showing high levels of estrogen in the body may be linked to cancer, they have now found high levels of estrogen in rivers, bottle water, tap water, they also found that in some rivers the estrogen level is so high fish are changing sex, what is up with this, think about this, your body is 75% water you and your kids are drinking bottle water with high levels of estrogen what do you think is going to happen over time, could this be way child cancer is on the rise and child diabetes is also on the rise, parents take control of your families’ health put health at the top of you to do list, your kids depend on it. You must change the type of water your family is drinking to hydrogen rich water science research proves this to be the best drinking water, msg me for a free trail for two weeks so you can see for yourself no obligations.

cancer estrogen

And number five is that nutrients can become biological response modifiers

Back in 1971 when Richard Nixon launched the war on cancer he said, “we will have the cure for a major cancer within five years by the bicentennial, 1976.” We don’t. We don’t have a cure for any major cancer today either.

We have some better treatments, but essentially what launching the war on cancer… and we have now spent in the neighborhood of 50 billion dollars on research at the National Cancer Institute, and over a trillion dollars in therapies… we now have 40% of men born today can expect to develop cancer in their lifetime. In the year 2030, 3% could expect to develop cancer in their lifetime. We got a problem there.

But one of the things we know from cancer research and nutrition research is that nutrients can become biological response modifiers. They change the way the body works.

Now that you have read this blog go back to your oncologist ask him why did you not tell me all this, and remember you have scientific research in this blog to show him western cancer treatment will never kill cancer stem cells.

Conclusion: three things you need to do right away if you are going through western cancer treatment, change the type of water you are drinking to hydrogen rich water you saw all the scientific case studies, and educate yourself on how to get your gut healthy by doing live probiotics and live digestive enzymes and change your diet to 90% raw foods that will put probiotics and digestive enzymes back into your gut, if you do this you will have a better chance of fighting whatever degenerative disease you have, this is what I did for my cancer.

Be sure to go to do your own research.

Bill & Emily Mabry
Wellness Coach/Strength and Conditioning Coach/CMHS
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