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Hydrogen Rich Water is it Safe to Drink, is there Research to Prove it.

February 14, 2017


This just shows how much most of the health professionals and medical doctors know about the benefits of molecular hydrogen H2 (electrolyzed reduced water).

Time and time again I get these massages from people who are sharing their hydrogen rich water with friends and family members, they get a call from the person they are sharing water with saying their doctor or their health professional told them to stop drinking the water it’s not good to drink that much alkaline water, first of all we are not drinking alkaline water we are drinking alkalized water( electrolyzed reduced water with hydrogen H2 or active hydrogen) so let’s get that straight.
Most health professionals and medical doctors and nutritious have no Idea that the body is already producing hydrogen H2 naturally in the gut, as long as your gut is healthy with good gut bacteria, those of you that are drinking water out of an electrolysis device like a Enagic (KW) your water is producing hydrogen H2, that is what makes the water therapeutic to the body, hydrogen H2(active hydrogen) is a very powerful selective antioxidant.

Think about this, if the body is already producing Hydrogen H2 naturally then how in the world can it be not safe to drink daily, if any medical professionals or health professionals tells you hydrogen rich water is not safe to drink or it has no health benefits, you need to stand up to him or her and tell them they are wrong and they are giving out bad advice and it needs to STOP.
Go to google scholar type in electrolyzed reduced water for science journals.
Here is an explanation on how the body produces hydrogen H2 (electrolyzed reduced water) naturally in the gut, this is not me talking am taking this right from research (MHF).

Hydrogen H2 is naturally produced by Intestinal flora upon digestion of fibers, note; most Americans guts are sick due to the western diet, if you have more bad gut bacteria then good you will not produce hydrogen H2. A study from the University of Florida and the Forsythe Institute of Boston, Massachusetts CONFIRMED that hydrogen H2 produced from bacteria in the gut exerted therapeutic effects. Others studies also show that bacterially produced hydrogen were therapeutic with other diseases like hepatitis. Perhaps this helps explain why a large clinical trail from the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) found significant reductions in cardiovascular events, by hydrogen H2. These studies not only suggest the therapeutic action of molecular hydrogen (electrolyzed reduced water) but also demonstrate its high safety profile. Hydrogen is very natural to our bodies, as we are exposed to it on a daily basis as a result of normal bacterial metabolism.

The hundreds of studies of hydrogen H2 from bacterial production, deep sea diving, and recent medical applications have not revealed any direct noxious side effects of hydrogen H2 administration at biologically therapeutic levels.

There you go a great explanation on how safe hydrogen rich water is (electrolyzed reduced water) now take this knowledge and fight back to that person who may hold a PHD in health or that person that is in the health field telling you your electrolyzed reduced water is unsafe to drink.

A tip for those of you that have an electrolysis device, it is important that you have a device that will self-clean itself and you can also manually cleaned it every two weeks, you also want to make sure the device purchase has service centers all over the world so you can take your device in every 6 month to a year and they can deep clean the device, the biggest enemy for hydrogen H2 is scaly plates in your device, the hard water coming from your source water is getting worse every year, if you start getting build up on those plates you will not produce a good concentration of hydrogen H2.

We do give the water away to people for free for a couple of weeks so they can feel the benefits themselves you can msg me

Bill & Emily 6A
Wellness Coach/Strength and Conditioning Coach/CMHS


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  1. Shaun Sia permalink

    Hi just saw your blog great info! Yes many Doctors don’t know what they are talking about and doing.

    Just wanna leave a comment about you mentioning having to clean electrolysis device frequently due to scaling of electrodes from minerals in tap water. Most available water ioniser in market will work well to produce hydrogen only with tap water coz minerals are needed for hydrolysis to effectively occur, but at the expense of scaling. Look for electrolysis device using SPE/PEM technology, they work perfectly with distilled water, and even if tap water is used no scaling will happen at the electrodes. This minimise the need for cleaning the electrodes and can last much longer (few years) with minimum maintenance, not to mention SPE/ PEM design removes chlorines and ozone without needing filters. Do research on them and let me know what you think. Oh and because of SPE/PEM design, oxygen is not dissolved into the water, so you will get a much more saturated dissolved hydrogen in water, providing greater therapeutic effect. I am a proponent of “The Oxygen Paradox” which believes 2-4% of oxygen inhaled becomes free radicals. Ever wonder why leopard has shorter life spans than turtle? You can do research to see if it’s true that any living thing which has a faster heart rate, consuming higher amount of oxygen will have a shorter life span. There seems to even have a research that indicates athletes live 10 years shorter due to high activity inhaling more oxygen. Ok the SPE/PEM technology was not purposely designed to prevent oxygen from dissolving into the water, it just happens to work that way, which is something I prefer.

    Using SPE/PEM will NOT make your water more alkaline (around pH 7-8) since it’s not intended for that purpose, which frankly is again what I prefer, since ultimately it’s NOT the pH of water that’s giving the health benefits, it’s the dissolved molecular hydrogen. I do feel that our stomach is acidic for a purpose to properly digest foods, and drinking water with high pH is more disruptive for your digestion.

    • I do not know anything about SPE/PEM I will look into it thanks for the info. You are right to many health professionals talk more on the pH of the water being therapeutic, like me in the pass that is how we were taught, because H2 is so new here in the U.S it will take time for them to see the science in Eletrolyzed reduced water.

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