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Why do Healthy People Get Diseases like Cancer (probiotics)?

January 25, 2017


Why do Healthy People Get Diseases like Cancer (probiotics)?

Question, why do vegan’s and vegetarians still get diseases like cancer, how would you answer that? This is my answer, the lack of good gut bacteria. Even though they are eating what they think is healthy fruits and vegetables, what is hidden on those foods that are still killing the good gut bacteria.

First of all, understand that 80% of your immune system is in your gut if you have a sick gut you have a depressed immune system that is not strong enough to fight any type of disease.

You also need to understand what kills good gut bacteria, antibiotic (medication), pesticides and herbicides, environmental toxins like the air your breath the contaminated water you are drinking (bottle water tap water, RO, distilled water), lets don’t forget the process foods you are eating (fast foods, box’s foods, can foods etc.).

It looks like you have no hope, there is hope for you and your family to be able to survive in this toxic world you just need to take the time to educate yourself and have an open mind, you need to know right up front you have to be able detoxify yourself daily to be able to flush out all the toxic chemicals you are bringing into your body daily because of our toxic environment, remember I said you have to have an open mind, the most simplest and fastest way to detoxify the body is with electrolyzed reduced water, that’s right water.

Short video on electrolyzed reduced water

Scientific research on electrolyzed reduced water
you can get a Free Ebook

Here are two steps you need to follow to get your gut healthy to fight all diseases.

Step 1 you have to put good gut bacteria back in your gut, you do this by making your own live cultured fermented foods that are toxic free, this is my wife showing you in a live video how she makes kefir, good probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Most of you may not realize this, live probiotics need food also, she puts prebiotics in her kefir.

She also makes her own live kombucha, lots of good probiotics (good gut bacteria) and digestive enzymes.

Emily’s live video on making Kefir

Some of you may be thinking what about probiotics in a pill form? Until nature shows me a plant that grows pills in a capsule I will stick as close to nature as I can when it comes to foods.

Step 2 you must have a way to wash off the pesticides and herbicides and many other chemicals that are on your fruits and vegetables this also includes your organic foods. You must understand this, toxic fall out, what does this mean? This means that an organic field can still have environmental chemicals on them from the air stream. The Japanese have been using electrolyzed reduced water for decades to clean their fruits and vegetables, and am sure you know they are the healthiest people in the world.

I will say it again you need to have an open mind the Japanese are using water 11.5 high alkalized water I did not say alkaline water, I said alkalized water there is a big difference between alkalized water and alkaline water, here is a short video I did to show you the difference.

Those of you that are using a so called organic cleaner on your fruits and vegetable they will not take off all the contaminates that are on your fruits and vegetables, did you know that they use oil base pesticides to spray on all your fruits and vegetables, those health store products cannot emulsify the oil and be sides most of those cleaners have some type of industrial cleaner they are not telling you.
I am going to give you guys an example of a health juice bar Emily and I went to at least 3 time a week to get our green juices I am even going to tell you the name Nectar.

As we were sitting there drinking our green juices I noticed that they were using their bare hands to put the vegetables into the juicer, most of the time they used plastic gloves not this time, I asked Emily, I wonder how they clean their fruits and vegetables and of course right away Emily started to do her research on it, she emailed the corporate off wanted to know how they cleaned their fruits and vegetable and what type of chemical did they use. They did get back to us, they also gave us the name of the chemical they used, Emily the researcher looked up the chemical, it is an industrial chemical that is used to kill bacteria on the foods doesn’t even flush off all the contaminates, be sides not cleaning off the contaminates the chemical they are using will not kill 99.9 % of the bacteria, the Japanese and our wound care clinics here in the U.S. us 2.5 Strong acidic water, ITS NOT TOXIC its water, there is a household electrolysis device that makes this water.

The fruits and vegetables are absorbing the industrial chemicals they are using to kill bacteria, and you are drinking it, we know the owner of the company that is supplying Nactar that chemical and told him about it he had no idea.

We no longer go there, we use 2.5 strong acidic water to kill 99.9% of the bacteria, we have an Enagic electrolysis device that makes both 11.5 strong alkalized water to clean the toxic contaminates on our fruits and vegetables and 2.5 strong acidic water to kill bad bacteria and it is just water.

Enagic 2.5 strong acidic water 3rd party research (killing 99.9% bacteria) ATS LAB

Here is my live video showing you the proof, 11.5 high alkalized water cleaning oil base pesticides and herbicides.

Conclusion: I hope this information helped you understand why even healthy people can get cancer, there is more to it than just eating healthy, there are a lot of hidden toxic chemicals in your organic foods and how important it is to be able to detoxify your body daily with the right type of water,

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/CMHS


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