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Five Biggest Reasons Why People Fail in a Home Base Business

January 23, 2017
Stress concept

Stress concept

Five Biggest Reasons Why People Fail in a Home Base Business

In a Home Base Business, if there is a standard belief that you must understand. It is this:


In a Home Business, we get paid to do one thing, and one thing only. It will determine 95% of your paycheck. And that is:
Communicating with people.

I have said that before, and I hope you understand we are a business of Communication, with marketing blended into it.
With that in mind:

There are 5 HUGE reasons why people fail in recruiting in a Home Base Business. And after studying and doing the business for nearly years full-time, I discovered there is a pattern that I saw that developed with people who were struggling with their home business recruiting, which usually is the majority of folks.

And I hope that you will look at these 5 reasons and see where you can change your focus and efforts to a more productive and effective style of Home Base Business Recruiting.

The 5 Reasons for Massive Home Base Business Recruiting Failure:

1) “The distributor not talking to People.”

Yes, you read that right. Amazing as that sounds. There are many people who lead people to believe with their words that they are actually recruiting and talking to people. But they are not.

They are busy at building a facade of a business and never really engaging the conversation and contact necessary for success. Why?

Fear of many things. But that is the biggest reason. And how do you overcome it?

Find a recruiting partner who will help emotionally support you and help you, whether it is your up line or sideline. And work with them.

Yes, there are folks out there who truly are talking to no one, as they are scared. If you see no action happening with someone in your down-line, it may be a “silent talker.”

Otherwise someone who talks about recruiting, but is silent when it comes time to recruit.

You MUST communicate with folks if you are going to have success in the marketplace and with your home business.

Imagine, fooling yourself into believing you are truly working a Network Marketing business this way. NOT!

2. “The Distributor Not talking to Enough people.”
This is an interesting thing. There seems to be a comfort level with people that says “I have talked to xx number of people, and nothing is happening, so that means I can’t recruit because this doesn’t work.” Again. NOT!

One of the biggest reasons failure occurs in Home Base Business is: (GET THIS!)

Too many distributors spend too much time, with too many people, who have too little of an interest.

Talk to a lot of DIFFERENT people.

It amazes me that someone can say they talked to a lot of folks, and in reality, they talked a lot to a few folks who have little interest.

And it’s all because they don’t have to go out and talk to NEW people. They would rather talk to people with little interest than new folks who do have an interest.

New Blood in Home Base Business Recruiting.


In Home Base Business Recruiting, NEW blood keeps the heart of your business pumping. Talk to ENOUGH people and talk to people ENOUGH, but don’t turn them off.

Go on to a new person, and see what happens with that person verses trying to force someone into the business who later will only leave with a bad taste.

3. “The Distributor not talking to the Right People”

Wasting massive amounts of time. That is what most distributors do when recruiting and continue to do. They talk to the wrong people, and then bring in the wrong people, and then have a downline of mostly wrong people.

Who are the right people?

People who light up and catch Fire when you show them your home business, and then light other’s up when they talk. Not someone who complains after only 2 days because the application is the wrong color.

Or the wrong size. Or the up line is not doing enough to welcome them aboard. 2 phone calls are not enough. You know the type.

There is what we call the “Recruiting IQ”. And that helps tell you if they are the right one.

IQ stands for “Ignite Quickly.” And if they catch fire quickly, they have a great chance of being the “right one” to pursue.


To attract the Right One for your Home Business Success, you must BECOME the right one. You must become who you want to attract into this home business through personal development and empowerment.

4. “The Distributor Not Talking Right to people.”

This is a business of communication, and thus of verbiage and emotion as well.

The Wrong Home Business Message.


A lot of distributors are simply saying the wrong things to the wrong people with a wrong message. You must talk to people with a YOU focus.

It is called the T.I.N.Y Focus:

Their Interests Not Yours. And you focus whether online or offline, on what interests them and do it Professionally.

Nothing turns someone off worse than a self-focused and self-absorbed Direct Sales distributor who is only focused on recruiting a person for THEIR reasons. Not the reason of the prospect. And the words they are using reveal a lot…Me…me…I….I…me…me…I… I….me…me….me…you.


You should say the word “You” at least 4 times more than the word “I” or “me” in any Home Business presentation.

INFERNO Exercise: Here is an exercise: Try recruiting someone without using the word “I” or “me.” Use we and us, and see how the prospect’s interests increases as you use YOU 4 times more than Us or We.

5. “Talking TOO Much to people You are talking to.”

Some folks have diarrhea of the mouth. And they talk, and talk, and they talk, and then talk. And talk, and talk, and by the time they finish, the prospects finished.

Don’t Dump on people! Create a RECRUITING ENVIRONMENT.

That creates the prospect to do most of the talking. Ask a lot of questions. Listen a lot of minutes. Ask a lot of questions.


Most people LOVE to have an audience. But they hate to BE an audience. You BE an audience of one for massive listening to your prospect, and don’t create a “Sat Chat.”

What is that?

A Saturation chat. Where they feel saturated with your words and info, and feel they have enough information to tell you — No.

The Power of Magnetic Questions in a Home Business.

If you are going to be a HOT Home Business Recruiter , you must CONNECT with your folks!

And the best way to do that is to become an audience of one.

And ask a lot of “Magnetic Questions… and watch an explosion occur in your Home Business Recruiting.

This is an example of a great Home Base Business with a proven pay plan that can get you making money right away, WHY because the public is already using it.

Proven pay plan

Msg me with any questions

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/CMHS
Free Ebook


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