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January 5, 2017



This might hurt a bit but you need to hear it. Most people that attempt a Home Base Business Fail. This blog is being written in response to those that have been allured by someone who told you, if you join my business you can get rich quick or it is easy and you can make a ton of money right away, these statements are not true. Becoming aware to the 5 reasons for Home Base Business failure will help prevent this from happening to you!

Reason #5 – They think Home Base Business marketing is fast

You’ve heard the guru’s talk about sponsoring 1,100 people into their HBB in one hour and getting millions of hits and leads a month but what you must understand is that it takes time, a long time, to get any kind of presence. A legit Home Base Business is a real business just like any business out there it takes time to build, there is no short cut it my take 2 to 3 years that is ok, it will be worth it, you will go through the same growing pains as a franchise like McDonalds.

Reason #4 – They try to learn everything

With a Home Base Business, you have your choice of weapons. Video, SEO, EiEiO, Article directories, PPC, LMNOP, etc. So many network marketers come into their company and want to learn everything about the compensation plan, how can I make money fast, there are more concerned about how to sell the product, people can notice this type of mind set.
That is why you need to get involved in a product that the public needs and you do not have to convince to try it here is a good example of one such product

You need to do daily activity in your Home Base Business, so many people say they are going to succeed when they first get started and when they see that 3 to 4 month down the line they are not making any money they quit, the reason for this is they are trying too hard to sell the product, the product is something the public does not need or they are not doing daily activity.

Reason #3 – They don’t invest in their business

If you were starting a bricks and mortar business, would you look for the cheapest ways or anything you could get for free to start that business? Of course not. You would want to get high quality advertising, equipment, etc, to run your business. If you were smart you would also hire consultants, lawyers and perhaps a business coach as you want it to have a higher chance of success, wouldn’t you? Why do people think they can create a high profit Home Base Business for free or for a few hundred bucks? Sometimes free…is the most expensive choice as your time is infinitely more valuable than temporary money.

Reason #2 – They don’t attend Company trainings and events

Again, if you owned a franchise would you go to the national convention? Of course you would, why? Because you are serious about growing a business. Most Home Base Business marketers have never even been to a marketing event and they wonder why they constantly doubt if this “internet thing” is gonna pan out for them. I can tell you that when people attend these events their belief goes through the roof, you have to invest time in to your Home Base Business like going to the company events being on your team training calls always be doing something that will help educate you about the product, ask question to your up line, show them you are serious about building your business and be coach able.

THE #1 Reason Most Home Base Business Marketers Fail!

They forget what generated a profit to them before jumping into the training cauldron of the HBB and they stop prospecting. I have seen this happen to the best of recruiters and offline marketers. A once proud network marketer is soon drinking gallons of mountain dew while staring at their computer screen all day and night. They stop shaving or attending any offline meetings as that is just “old-school” and not cool. Pretty soon these baby boomers might start wearing hoodies and listening to techno while using social media jargon to their friends like saying “LOL” out loud when someone makes a joke. Even if they WERE making money from their HBB marketing company, they will ensure that it stops or at least greatly slows down as they abandon their team and their actual prospecting for watching wacky webinars and reading ebooks. This period usually lasts as least 90 days of not making any profits (again, even if they had been making profits from HBB marketing in the past) until they become dismayed and decide that Internet, as well as sitting in front of your computer waiting for someone to contact them just doesn’t work all the time, you have to get out and meet new people and if the product you offer is what the public needs they will come to you over time.

You also need to be involved in a legit company that has a compensation plan that has gone through the test of time here is a great example of one.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/CMHS


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