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My 10 Mindset for Success Secrets

December 30, 2016


My 10 Mindset for Success Secrets

1. Treat your mentors with the respect. The biggest benefits of our world are developing the right relationships and if hiring someone or buying their training has you start mistreating them, that relationship will never blossom. Your up-line is willing to help you build a successful business, you need to be coach able and follow his advise with out excuses, he is not there to build your business for you that would be disrespecting them.

2. If you want to make more money, add more value to the marketplace. If you want to add more value to the marketplace, the easiest way is for YOU to become more valuable by investing time or money into your education. Success and wealth come to those that add value, period. Like Napoleon Hill says, general knowledge is borderline useless, get educated on marketing, prospecting, sales, all the topics that truly matter with your profession. Don’t be that person that makes excuses why they can’t be on that training call or go to a team trainings.

3. Play to Win. If you are that person that starts making excuses why you can’t go to trainings, or why you can’t be on the training calls, you do not have enough money to invest in your education that guy has lost before he even started, a successful person will find a way.

4. You are where you are based on what you know and what you have done with what you know. Too often someone that is struggling to reach their goals will ask me my suggestions or thoughts on their situation and when I offer advice, they are quick to defend it. If you don’t have what you want in your life, one of the hardest things to admit is that you don’t know everything, but, until you do, you cannot grow.

5. Time and Money are tied together. Typically, when you invest in your education you can achieve results faster than googling around free information. You have to go to the company training, you have to be on as many training calls and webinars your group does, you have to invest in your education on your product.

6. The two most powerful words for the mindset for success are “Until” and “Despite”. As an entrepreneur if you embrace these two words you will be unstoppable. Embrace the fact you will keep working until you create success and wealth and then embrace that you will build your wealth mindset DESPITE all your current circumstances and past struggles.

7. The road to developing a success mindset is not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. No one said it was easy and shame on you if you thought it would be.

8. If you want to develop your mindset for success, the very first step is to change your language. Change the way you describe your life, challenges, business, etc and find yourself refraining from telling anyone who will listen how bad your life is.

9. Stop comparing yourself to others so that you can have a chance at creating success. It isn’t a race and the only thing you gain when you compare yourself to others is you get to feel bad. Stop it. Run your own race and focus on what you actually want. Plus, never assume that someone else’s road was easier than yours.

10. Learn from those that have created what you want. This is such a simple thing but so true. You aren’t going to create a mindset for success by listening to a broke uncle, instead, learn from someone who has what you want if you are serious about building your mindset for success.

The key to be successful in a Home Base Business is to have a product that the public wants and needs, and has third party science to back it up. This is very important think about it, if you could give your product away for a couple weeks so your prospect can see for themselves how it works for them, what is that telling your prospect, it is not just about selling them a product, if it was you wouldn’t be giving it away, right.

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One last thing, you need to be involved in a company that has a proven record of accomplishment (legit) been in business for decades and has a proven compensation plan that can give you income as soon as you open your doors for business, this might help you see why I picked this project.

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Bill & Emily Mabry 6A1
Weight loss Coach/Strength and conditioning Coach/CMHS


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