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How do you activate old leads?

December 23, 2016


How do you activate old leads?

How do you activate old leads? If you have people you haven’t talked to in a long time, and not sure what to say to them, this will help.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, be sure to share this with teammates to help them out!
Activate Old Leads

One through email and one through the phone. If you have old leads which if you’ve been in the game for any length of time, you do. You got warm market that you reach out to a long time ago. If you’re an internet marketer, you got old leads that came in, never did anything. What do you do with them? You throw them away. You do not do anything. Here are my two strategies activating the leads.
Old Phone Leads

Number one, phone. If you have leads that you have talked to and they didn’t join your business, didn’t become a customer or anything like that. Never ever throw away your old your leads or your list of leads or anything like that. Don’t do it. Now, the only time, the only exception is if I talk to a lead and they were ruthlessly negative or rude and nasty. I’m going to permanent marker their name.
This is an example of how Ray Hugdon suggest you do old phone leads.

Here is an incredible approach that anyone can do and I know that if you actually do this, you’re going to be blown away. Call those old leads. Call the people that didn’t join, didn’t become a customer, nothing. Call them and say, “Hey, Joe. Joe, this is Ray and listen. You know, we actually talked a while ago. It was probably …” However long ago it was. Six months, a year, or two years, whatever. “We talked however long ago. At that time, we both …”

This is neat. It’s psychological. “We both came to the conclusion that what I was doing wasn’t fit for you which is totally cool with me.” now, did you both come up with that conclusion? You could probably argue that they did, but you’re including. “We both came to the conclusion that it wasn’t fit for you. Listen …”

Here is where you insert something that’s exciting about your company. The best would be if you’ve accomplished something. Number two would be someone in your team hit something. Number three would be, someone in the company did something and it relates to them. Lastly would be, something that your company has done.

I reached out to them and I’d say, “Hey, Joe. It’s Ray. Listen, we talked a while back and we both decided that what I was doing wasn’t a fit for you but listen. I just won a trip to Atlantis and I got several people on my team and again, that are also going. Again, I know it’s not a fit for you but I thought I’d reach out to you and just see if you knew anyone that would like to make some extra money if we showed them step-by-step how to do it.” See what I did there? See what I did there? Am I pitching them? I’m not pitching them. Now, some people would say all the take away. I think a lot of people use the take away incorrectly. People that haven’t studied like they haven’t invested in education and gone through sales courses and things like that. I think they use the take away improperly.

Because I think most people use the take away as a kind of take away. They’ll throw the take away out there and then, if they don’t buy, they’ll say, “Well, would you like to join?” That’s not a take away. I legitimately, if I’m not solicited, I will not pitch them. Not going to do it.

Old E-mail Leads

You send them an email and it just says, it can say, “Hey,” as the subject line or, “Hey, Joe,” if you know their name. In it, you’re going to say, “Hey, at one point, you had expressed an interest in blank. Are you still looking for something like that?” It’s hard for me to give you the scenario without an example. Let’s say that you’ve been in a weight loss company for a really long time. In the email, you can say something like this. “Hey, Joe. Hey, whatever.” Their name. “At one point in time, you express an interest in losing some weight. Are you still looking for a solution?”

No link. No social media links. No videos. No nothing. Just text. That’s all. It’s all what it says. “At one point in time, you express an interest in blank. Are you still looking for a solution for blank?” That’s what you do.

Now, if you have a large email list, be prepared. Be prepared. I really mean this. Because you are going to have a lot of responses!
again, I know you’re so excited and eager to hit them with your opportunity. No link. No nothing. Just text. “At one point, you express an interest in blank. Are you still looking for a solution for blank?” That’s it. That’s all you say.

Time and time again of have told my downline during a training when you email someone don’t talk about the opportunity, don’t put your company name in, give some good content that they need or something you have learned and you wanted to pass it on to them, if you are in the health and wellness say something that might be a health benefit for them.

People are going to be attracted to the content of your msg, example I am in the health and wellness industry, most all of my contents will be about how to achieve good health and what steps it take to become healthy, at the end of my blog I will have a call to action to my web site that does not mention the name of my company, I will never talk about how much money you can make if you follow me or say this is a easy money job.

You need to build a just in your leads before you mention about the business, people join people.

The right product that people need and wants will help you enjoy what do and help you be successful the Health and wellness industry is one of the fastest growing business in the U.S. check it out

For more information msg me at

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/CMHS


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