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You Must Treat Your Home Base Business like a Real Business.

December 18, 2016


What are some of the Mistakes New Home Base Owners Do?

The mistakes most people make when they get into their first Home Base Business, they do not treat it like a real business, someone told them it is easy, it’s easy money, people do not just fall out of the sky and join your team.

Guys it does not work that way, a legit Home Base Business goes through the same growing pains as a franchise you spent thousands of dollars to buy, the difference is a home base business cost very little to get started and your over head is a lot less, with the right business and a good team to guide you, you can change your family’s life style, put it doesn’t go without working, you have to spend the time to grow it daily, go through the company trainings and set a 3 year goal, you have to do continue education on yourself.

Remember this, people join people this is how you will build a successful Home Base Business.

Let me give you a few tips on how to build a successful Home Base Business.

1.Is it what you really want to do, sit down write on a piece of paper why you want to have your own home base business, it could be because you want more time freedom with your family or you want a little extra money to pay the bill’s each month, you want that new car, set aside money for the kids collage, go on that vacation that your family always wanted to go on the list goes on.

2.How big is your WHY, on a white board pick from that list you wrote the most important things you want to accomplish in your life that will benefit your family the most important ones first.

3.This one is very important, put that white board somewhere where you will see it every day, if you decided that you want to give the Home base a shot this is what helped me to stay focused.

4.Now that you decided that you want to do this and you are fully in and understand that this is going to be a real business and I will treat it like a real business set yourself a 2 to 3 year goal and commit to it, you can do this full time or part time, you also realize that because this is a real business you will go through the growing pains of owning a business, you will have ups and downs, you will fail many time, lots of people are going to say no to you, when this happens look at your white board get back on your feet each time and move forward you will succeed.

5.This next step is also very important, picking the right home base business to get into. The public your friends your family, have all been pitched by someone who’s in some type of MLM or some quick rich scam business, or maybe you have tried a business you got your family involved and the company failed most of them do, because they do not have a solid foundation to begin with, most of them are short term business, your family your friends and the public has a sour taste in their mouths when it comes to MLM, quick rich stuff, or the words easy money.

6.The company you decide to go with will either make you or break you. The company must have a solid foundation, they have been in business for more than two decades, I know that seems kinda a lot but that is what I wanted. I also learned that one of the fastest growing business out there was in the health and wellness industry, hunt hint look for a business that is in the health and wellness industry (fastest growing industry “no brainer). The product you are promoting must be proven, with legit or scientific documents backing it up, you cannot have this unless the company has gone through the test of time. What if I were to tell you that you can try my product for free for two to three weeks no obligations, the only thing I ask for you to do is watch this short video so you will understand why so many people are feeling the healing effects when drinking electrolyzed reduced water. Wouldn’t you say that is a very soft approach to introduce your product to someone, am not making the mistake of trying to convince them that my product is the best in the world you must try it, am letting the product do its job, the product sells itself as long as they follow the hydration protocol we gave them. This is what I call a very soft, we are not trying to convince anyone we are letting them make the choice by letting them see for themselves that the product works, the family members that saw you fail in the last business it is free for them to try what do they have to lose, at the end of the trail period I do not even ask for the sale they ask me what is the next step, I have had people panic because I was taking the water away from them, some people disagree with me saying I should always ask for the sale at the end of the trail period that is just good business, I hit the highest level in my company doing the soft approach in only 18 months the average person takes two to three years, besides my way is so much more fun. Make no mistakes it was not easy to build my business I did go through road blocks the ups and downs and lots of knows but my WHY was so big I kept getting up and moving forward, It has now been five years and we look back at all the times I wanted to quit and now say to ourselves what if I would have quit we would not be here now, we now have a business we can leave to our family when we are called to go home, for us that is a BIG WHY.

7.It is obvious that the tip above is very important. This next one is an ongoing tip, know your product, you also need to walk the talk, educate yourself on the product by continual education. Go to trainings by your company as often as you can, take your prospect to a local demonstration this one is vital, why because you are letting a third party person show them the benefits of your product, you need to keep your mouth shut and let that person do his or her job, just like when someone ask me what are you drinking, I could explain but I don’t, I give them tell them to watch it, it well explain what I am drinking, I always get their contact info and follow up with them the next day. Do not wait for your up line to contact you if you have questions or you need help call them you need to be aggressive in a nice way, when a new distributor does this to me he or her are showing me they are serious about building an Enagic business, I will do what it takes to help them build their business, I will not build their business for them I will train them and give them the tools they need to be successful and I will always be there if they need help. A good leader is a leader that is duplicatable and your goal is to be a leader of your own team, train your down line to do what you do, it must be simple and fun.

8.Go with a product that the public needs and wants, that is why I went with Enagic a 43-year-old Japanese company that manufactures its own device that will take your tap water and produce the healthiest water you can drink containment free, and has health benefits. See if this makes since to you, your body is 75% water your brain is 80% water your blood is 90% water shouldn’t the water you and your family are drinking be free of all toxic chemicals so your family can live a healthy lifestyle and be able to survive in this toxic world, add least give your kids chance. If this doesn’t help convince you oops I said convince just this once I think it is ok, how long can you live without water not long, you see the product I promote the public needs and wants, I do not have to convince them the human body has to have water to survive, do you see the big picture here, let me help you, you are changing families lives by showing them a way to live a healthy lifestyle by changing their water, put the product first let them make the choice the money will always follow.

9.The company must have a proven compensation plan that has gone through the test of time, it also must have a record of always adding improvements like adding new bonuses to help the distributor to be successful. Enagic has been around for over 43 years their compensation plan is patent, which means no one else can use it, it is designed for the new distributor to make money as soon as they open their doors, it is also designed for those who are business minded and would like to fire their boss in a few short months, this will only happen if your WHY is important and you are willing to be doing daily activity towards your business and you are coachable. Here is an example of the Enagic comp plan in 2 minutes my wife and I are 6A in the company you can see we were making enough income in four months to go full time and support ourselves, understand I worked very hard during those four months nothing was going to stop me from building a successful business, and I knew the Enagic comp plan was going to get me their my WHY was BIG.

10.Look for a Home Base Business that has a great support group, they must have a business plan that is proven, the leaders must walk the talk and they are willing to take the time to help you get started. Here at the alkaline advantage team we have some great leaders who are willing to work with you as long as you are coachable and willing to commit to the business plan and fellow the instructions.

I hope you saw some value in this here is a short video showing you why some many distributors are successful worldwide, Enagic is an International Company

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/CMHS


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