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How Being Busy Can Increase Your Network Marketing Recruiting Results

December 15, 2016


How Being Busy Can Increase Your Network Marketing Recruiting Results

Another great coaching tip today from Ray Higdon here are the notes.

Why act busy? If you want more results in your recruiting, you need to BE BUSY and you need to ACT BUSY.

Why act busy? That should be a good question, right? Well, what do you mean? Shouldn’t I really take the time to spend with the person and nurture and knead their shoulders, give them a nice rub and break bread with them and spend a lot of time with them?

Well, no. Here are 2 reasons why you need to stay busy.

1. We Are Attracted to Busy People
Show me someone who has plenty of time on their hands and I’ll show you a lazy person.

If they have all the time in the world they completely lack production. You’ve might have heard the saying, if you want something done give it to a busy person.

When I look at our corporation here, the company, the coaching training company, we don’t have people not busy. I know that if I want something done, it’s the person with the most projects that will get it done the fastest. If you want someone done, find someone that’s busy.

Being busy is actually attractive. We like to be around people that are up to something. Now, you may have a friend that you know and they’re constantly doing cool stuff. Aren’t you always intrigued to go like hang with them or go like spend time with them or ask them about their adventures or see where they’re going now? “Where are you going this week, man?” We’re attracted to busy people.

2. You’re Not Duplicatable.

I’ll let that sink in. You see, some people would say, “Well, if you’re always busy, are you really duplicatable?” It’s actually the opposite, okay? Let me tell you what I mean.

I know people, not my clients or anything, but I know people that they will reach out to a prospect and say, “Hey, can we grab coffee?” The prospect’s like, “Sure, yeah, why not? I like coffee. Coffee’s delicious.” They meet at 10:00 a.m. And at 1:00 p.m., they’re still meeting.

They’re not busy, they have all the time in the world.

Here’s the translation.

The prospect won’t normally say this to you, although they might. The prospect thinks to themselves, “Jiminy Christmas, do I have three hours or four hours to meet with each prospect? My god, that’s intense.”

If I come to you and I say, “Hey, I’ve got to jump on this conference call, I’m just curious, do you keep your options open when it comes to making money?” “I promise I’ll tell you it but I’ve got to jump on this conference call. Give me your information, I promise I’ll follow up with you.”

“Hey, man, it was good seeing you at the coffee shop the other day. Hey, listen, I’m not like a professional orator or anything like that.

Typically, when I talk to someone that I think is smart and creative, I just share with them a little video. And this video will tell you if it’s a fit for you or not. Check it out, I’ll call you back here in about 15 minutes. Will you be by your phone? Perfect, great.”

How much time did I spend there? I literally just did it right in front of you. 60 seconds? Maybe 90 seconds. Let’s be generous, let’s say 2 minutes. Subconsciously, your prospect says, “Holy crap, they just spent 2 minutes with me, gave me a resource. I assume, can I use this resource? Yeah? Wow, okay.”

That’s extreme duplication. The shorter you keep that window of what has to be done for a prospect to be exposed to what it is that you’re doing, the more duplicatable you are. If I teach you speed, if I teach you to rely on resources, then might you miss a couple people? Maybe. You might miss that one person, two people that really needed that extra love and caring and extra time and would have cracked in hour two? Maybe, it’s possible. Would you have been able to prospect 30 more people in the meantime and greatly overcompensate for that possible lack of one or two people? Absolutely. That’s what I believe.

An example of a company that has sucess for over four decades

Bill & Emily 6A
Wellness Coach/CMHS


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