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How to Properaly Share Kangen Water to your Friends and Family

December 12, 2016


Kangen water sharing tips

One of the mistakes I made was I talked too much, I did not let the DVD’s or marketing tools or any of the video links that show the power of kangen water. I have now learned to let a third-party marketing tool explain to the prospects how kangen water works, this way you keep it simple. Your goal is to share the water with prospects and educate them as you go along, and to also make sure they are drinking enough water for the 2- 4 week trail period, some of us go as long as 30 days it is up to you that should be max, remember you have to stop sooner or later or you could be dropping water off to them for ever, you do not want to do that, also on the first drop off always give them the form on how to drink the water, read it together so they understand it and remind them you have to drink enough water or it will not work.

Something else I started doing, I will explain to them right up front, there is a catch to trying the water for free you must see a live demo or watch, also if you cannot make it to one of our live demo classes I will come over and do an in-home demo for you and your family, it only takes about 20 to 30 min, in-home demos are a lot of fun and one of the best ways to grow your Enagic business, once they have done one of the options then they can start the trail. If none of these options work for them, I will not give them any water, they need to understand why this water works so well and why so many people are feeling the healing affects when drinking it, I like to use the video link to show people, you need to watch it a few times yourself.

I have also started to give out these two videos links along with the video before I let them go on a trail period.

Why hydrogen rich water (electrolyzed reduced water)


Fitness experts on kangen water

Be sure you follow up with them the next day the follow up will make or break your Enagic business, always ask them what they liked about the video, by saying this you will get a positive answer. If they have seen all three of the video links they can get started on the water trail.

Once they see either a live demo or in-home demo or all three of the video links I will tell them I will be sending you some educational links to watch during the trail period, understanding why this water works so well for so many people while you are on the trail period  is very important for your own education, always tell them first thing before you give them any water and get a commitment from them they will watch the videos and make sure you follow up with them that they did watch them, If they do not and they keep making excuses pull the water from them be very nice and tell them it seems that this might not be the right time for you to be on a water trail period, that’s ok when you are ready we can try again.

While they are on the trail period I will send out these three videos every couple of days and follow up with them to make sure they watch them.

Simple truth not all water is the same

Enagic benefits of kangen water (hydrogen rich water) by a RN contact the person that shared this video.

Enagic gold seal

For those of you that are doing the Enagic business, this is a real business, you must treat it like a business, how much time you put into it will determine your rate of growth. For Emily and I we had no choice this was the only income we had coming in, we were very motivated to build our business.

To get marketing tools go to check out the marketing tools.

Facts to be successful

Share the water educate the prospect

Use the marketing tools to explain to the prospect the benefits of drinking kangen water, do not talk a lot, if you do you will lose them.

Always ask the prospect you are sharing the water with, if they have someone they would like to share the water with, by doing this you will never run out of prospects.

Set up an in-home demo when you can they work; some prospects can not make it to a live demo so do a in-home demo.

Go to your local live presentation with a guest. When sharing, the water explain to your prospect one of the things you need to do for me is come to a live demo.

Go to as many kangen water events you can, you will learn something new every time.

You must have a plan and set goals, ask your up-line to help you or ask us.

If we had done, this 5 years ago at the start Emily and I would have reached 6A much faster.

Remember the Enagic water machine will be a household appliance soon, do you want to be in the right place when that happens.

Also when you are using 1 gal water bottle to share water with you have to give them fresh water every 48 hours, if you drop water off at someone’s house and they have not drank all the water, pour the old water out on a plant and give them fresh water, they will not see any effects if the water is not fresh they need to drink a min ofat least ½ oz per pound of body weight, for the fastest results drink 1 gal per day. You can get a case of 1 gal bottles from for a great price.

You must follow up with the person you are sharing the water with every couple of days to see how they are doing this is a must, you can text them or call them.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/CMHS


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