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How Even Shy People Can Recruit?

December 5, 2016


How Even Shy People Can Recruit?

Here are a couple of questions for you

Do you plan on talking to more people every morning about your opportunity or product but you just don’t?

Do you ever beat yourself up for NOT talking to that stranger?

Ever get ready to pick up the phone but you don’t because you are afraid the person on the other line may not be able to hear you due to your heart pounding so hard in your chest?

If you answered yes to any of those, believe me, I get it and I understand.

The weird truth is, not only was I once like that, I very often go back into that state of fear and being worried about what someone is going to say if I pitch them, that may be hard to believe but it is true.

However, there is hope!

Understand that your friends and families have been pitched by so many people on how to get rich quick they are burned out, they have either tried it and failed or it just seems too good to be true and they don’t want to even try and be sides families are very hard on you when you show them your new business, they know you to well, they have seen your failures in the past or they may say something like you have no experience in that how can you sell it. When you have no sells experience and you have a tough time talking to people about your product because you are worried they are going to lash out at you or what they are going to say this could be divesting to your business.

Tip one- find a legit home base business that has gone through the test of time, one that the public needs and wants, one that you can give away to your prospect to try for a couple weeks for free, what you are doing here is you are letting them make the decision if they want to get involved or not you are not trying to convince them, if the product works they see value in it they will want it, you see how that works.

You are leading with your product not hard selling, this works great when you have a hard time telling people about your product.

Here is an example of my product- Am involved in electrolyzed reduced water, this is water that is therapeutic to the body, most of the public knows how contaminated water is, can you live without water “NO” something the public needs and wants, this is how we get people to join us we give them the water away for free for two weeks so they can feel the healing effects themselves that is it, they see the value in this water so they want the device that makes it.

This is an example of the 43-year-old Japanese’s company am involved in.

Tip two- Always lead with your product do not tell them if they join you they will get rich, you will just push them away, your product needs to be authentic and it needs to work, the product I promote has scientific research to back it up, here again we do not have to try to convince anybody the science behind the product does all the convincing.
Tip three- educate yourself about your product, go to all the company’s trainings and meeting this will make you or break you.

Tip four- learn how to market on social media, for those of you that are shy this will help you get pass that over time. When you learn social media the people you are prospecting to have no idea what you did in the pass. You can become the authority of your product on social media, put there is a protocol on prospecting social media, you can go to my youtube channel and check out some of my training just type in Bill Mabry in youtube check it out.

Tip five- learn how to do 4 to 5 minute videos that have good educational contents on your product, DO NOT mention your company DO NOT talk about how much money they can make if they follow you. Put these short videos on social media to your target market, understand things do not happen overnight you must be consistent and be patient it works.
You see how this works, if your content in your video is educational and helping someone who saw it, they will contact you wanting to know more, the question is if someone contacts you for more information about your product is that easier.

It is very different when someone calls you and asked you to please call them back they would like more information than for you to prospect someone on the phone, and tell them how wonderful your product is, you need to buy it, it is much more fun when they want you to call them back.

Conclusion- go to my youtube channel type in Bill Mabry see some of my training videos you can also go to check out what I do. If you are shy and follow these steps you will have confident over time to talk to people about your product it will come to you naturally, put give it time you will make mistakes at first, that’s ok your prospect most of the time will not see the mistake.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A


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