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How to Talk to a Anti Home Base Business or Network Marketing Business Person.

November 27, 2016


How to Talk to a Anti Home Base Person or Network Marketing Business

So, what do you say to people who are anti-network marketing?

The two worst things, and unfortunately the most common things, are to try to convince or be defensive. Those are the two worst things. You need to learn how to manage energy. Therefore, I’m literally never scared of any objection. I don’t care what objection anyone ever asks me because I don’t manage objections. I manage energy. So if someone’s giving me that crappy, cynical, skeptical, negative energy, then I know what to do. I can take it from here. It’s not a big deal.

The powerful thing is, when you learn to manage energy, then a lot of times their objections just dissolve away.
So, do not get defensive. Do not try to convince.

As some of you know I am following a business coach, Ray Higdon ( what words does Ray say back to someone that has a bad test for a Home Base Business or a network Marketing business.

Here’s a little line that might help you out if you can pull off the energy. That’s why I say if. If you can pull of the energy, it can work for you. That is, “Oh, cool, no problem. It’s not for everybody, but hey let me ask you this. Do you know anyone that does want to make some extra money if I showed them step by step how to do it?”

They’re blown away by that because most network marketers, when faced with skepticism they crumble like crackers and have no idea how to be professional in their network marketing prospecting.
No one can ruffle your feathers. No one can. You need to understand that I don’t care where you are mindset-wise, you can control your emotions.

If someone’s hitting you with anti-Network Marketing, do not dance for them. Don’t let them see you crumble. If you can’t master the question that I just gave you, and you can only master, “Cool, no problem, take care, man.” If you can just master that, you’re going to blow their mind. They’ll be like … They won’t know what to do.

They’ll be like, “Man, that’s supposed to really crumble them. That was supposed to hit them with a sledge hammer, but it didn’t affect them at all. They’re weirded out. They’re like, “Who is this person?”

I’m telling you, and a lot of times, they will stop you in your tracks and be like, “Hey, man, I’m having a bad day,” or something like … I’m telling you, I’m telling you, do not be defensive, and do not try to convince. “Cool, man, no problem. Hey, just curious, just throwing it out there. Do you know anyone that does …” Notice the inflection? “… that does want to make some extra money if I show them step by step how to do it?”

Don’t convince. Don’t be defensive. Stay postured. As them a question. Don’t try to close them. At the end of the day, I still have energy.

I feel great. I don’t feel stressed out. I don’t feel anxious. I don’t feel like I need to take a shower because I worked so hard on this one prospect. I just manage the energy. That’s what I do.

Guys like I have always said follow a good business coach it will make your home base business so much more fun check out Ray & Jessica Higdon @

For more information go to Free Ebook

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/CHS


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