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The Structure of the Water is More Important than the Chemical Compound.

November 19, 2016


How Important is the Structure of Water for Full Hydration?

The Structure of the Water is More Important than the Chemical Compound.

What a claim to make! It might be a statement that seems confusing at first, how could one water be more hydrating than another water? As you read this article you will understand the simple reasons why ionized water is not only a higher quality, better filtered, more alkaline water than any other – but it really is more hydrating too this is scientific fact.
Before we get started you need to understand that not all alkaline water is the same Dr. Michaels explains this in a short video:

When You Drink Alkalized Water, You Can Feel It!

I want to keep this simple, but I know there are a lot of you out there that will want to know the scientific facts too. So, I am going to explain this twice! The first explanation will be the simple explanation and the second will be the scientific explanation!
The Simple Explanation

Alkalized, restructured water is fundamentally different to conventional water, bottled water, distilled water, filtered water, reverse osmosis water or plain old tap water.

Bottle water,Tap water Structure:


Structured of alkalized reduced water water:

The shape of the water molecule changes when the water goes through electrolysis – it is ‘restructured’. This means that the water molecules are take a different shape and pattern so that the water can better penetrate and hydrate the cells of the body and can more easily permeate the walls of the cells, Dr. Carpenter does an excellent job on explaining this.


A huge secondary bonus of this, is that whatever is in the water we drink is better absorbed also – so if you’re drinking green drinks or other supplements with the ionized water – these supplements will be better absorbed and more effective!

Think of your cell walls as having small little narrow water channels. When we drink tap water or bottle water that has approximately 12 to 20 molecule clusters, the water molecules are too large to be able to get through and that water has a positive ORP. But when the water is alkalized and ‘restructured ‘it is in a pattern (shape is changed) and it can therefore more easily pass through the fine mesh cell walls.

This information is so new in 2003 these two researchers shared the noble prize on the discovery of the water channels on our trillion plus cells, as shown in the diagram you can see why the structure of the water is so important to be able to penetrate the cell wall.

Noble Prize in Chemistry 2003 discovered the aquaporin’s.
Peter Agre, Roderick water channels in each cell.
The story of the discovery of aquaporins: convergent evolution of ideas–but who got there first?

When you first start drinking, alkalized water it is an incredible feeling as parts of your body that have been dehydrated for so long are now being reached and saturated in.

The Scientific Explanation

Starting at the start, a water molecule, expressed in the chemical symbol of H2O consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.
Standing alone, the hydrogen atom contains one positive proton at its core, with one negative electron revolving around it in a three dimensional shell. Oxygen, on the other hand, contains eight protons in its nucleus with eight electrons revolving around it.

The single hydrogen electron and the eight electrons of oxygen are the key to the chemistry of life, because this is where hydrogen and oxygen atoms combine to form a water molecule, or split to form ions.

Hydrogen tends to ionize by losing its single electron and form single H+ ions, which are simply isolated protons since the hydrogen atom contains no neutrons. A hydrogen bond occurs when the electron of a single hydrogen atom is shared with another electronegative atom such as oxygen that lacks an electron.

This next step of ionization of water is so cool and most health professional do not talk about it; it is the most important part of the electrolysis process.

The byproduct of the electrolysis process is the making of molecular hydrogen H2(active hydrogen) this molecule is the most powerful antioxidant in existence, this is what gives electrolyzed reduced water the ability to help build the immune system and heal the body, in other words for every glass of electrolyzed reduced water you drink you are bombarding your body with the most powerful antioxidant, this is huge for reversing degenerative diseases like cancer.

Scientific case studies these are just a few:

Biological Research
Biol. Res. vol.46 no.2 Santiago 2013

This is where most medical professionals and health professionals get it wrong, they always talk about the health benefits of the Ph(alkalinity) of water, this is not true they do not tell you the whole story.

It is not about the Ph of the water it is all about the active hydrogen in the water that gives alkalized reduced water (structure) that gives it the therapeutic effects of the body. If the water has active hydrogen it will have a high Ph around 9.5 to 10.0 alkalinity.

I can change the ph of any water by inducing it with industrial chemicals like arsenic high ph of 14 alkalinity, but it is poisonous to the body, why would you drink it, lye in city water is also a chemical with high ph of 14, it is linked to causing cancer why would you drink a chemical that causes cancer.

You cannot get active hydrogen by inducing industrial chemicals into the water to change the ph of the water it must go through electrolysis (electricity) a device or by nature(lightning bolts) to get active hydrogen (molecular H2).

There is a big difference between alkaline water and alkalized water.

Dr. Michael difference between alkaline and alkalized water. Training video

That is why we say the structure of the water is more important than the chemical compound.

Molecular structure the last of the three main changes that occur to water during ionization is in molecular structure. This refers to the way the molecules are organized.

The molecular structure has a powerful effect on water’s ability to hydrate your cells and to carry energy throughout your body. Water is what chemists call a “polar” molecule. It has a positively-charged side and a negatively-charged side because of the way the electrons are arranged around each atom. This means that when water is placed in an electric field, the molecules must organize themselves in a very specific manner to stay balanced within the electric field. Water molecules assume a crystal-like, hexagonal geometry that can literally change the properties of the water.11 Although the organization (structure) of the molecules begins to dissipate when the water is removed from the electric field, a certain amount of structure lingers. Crystalline structure enhances the water’s ability to hydrate cells, to transport nutrients, to remove wastes, to support metabolic processes and to improve cellular communication.

In 1986, a new theory referred to as the molecular water environment theory was proposed at a symposium on cancer. The theory stated that replenishing the crystalline (hexagonally-structured) water in the human body could increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease.13 The theory was based on research that revealed the following a greater degree of structure in the water of an infant’s body than in the water of an adult’s body a greater degree of structure in the water surrounding healthy DNA than cancerous DNA a greater degree of structure in the water surrounding the proteins of healthy tissue than in the water surrounding the proteins of cancerous tissue the ability of structured water to improve bowel transit time and constipation in a clinical trial 5. the ability of structured water to slow the growth of cultured cancer cells.

One of the first questions people ask about the molecular structure of water is: How can a substance that is liquid have “structure”? The best way to explain this is by introducing the term “coherence.”

In quantum physics, the term “coherence” is defined as a “fixed phase relationship” between waves or particles. For water to be coherent, molecules must move together, turning and spinning as if they were all connected— like a sheet that blows in the wind. In a coherent system, things tend to stay organized for longer periods of time. In fact, quantum physicists are beginning to consider new ways of looking at life itself—in terms of coherence and organization.

According to quantum theory, the difference between life and death is not so much in chemistry as it is in organization and structure.

This has huge implications when you consider that the structure of the water in your body can be correlated with sickness and aging. Liquid crystals are special phases of matter with orientational order.

Unlike solid crystals, they are flexible and responsive.16 Computer display screens are liquid crystals. Many components of the human body are now considered to be liquid crystals, including collagen and cell membranes. In many ways, water and crystalline quartz are similar.

Quartz crystals are used in the computer industry because they vibrate under pressure at a very precise frequency. This property allows them to carry signals with speed and precision like no other material. The molecular geometry of structured water is very similar to the molecular geometry of crystalline quartz—based on the same pattern.

This may be the reason that structured water is thought to carry signals more efficiently throughout living tissue. Many suspects that structured water may be the key to DNA signaling, enzyme activity, and to many other functions. Structured water has been shown to hydrate more effectively

For more information on restructured alkalized reduced water go to

Bill & Emily Mabry6A
Wellness Coach/CHS


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