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4 Tips to Crush it in a Health and Wellness Home Base Business “Be The Expert”

November 18, 2016


Here are four tips that will help you build that wellness empire.

My wife and I have been in the health profession for over 35 years, so obviously we have a passion for the health industry.

As a wellness Coach when we promote a health product to a client we have done our research and are also using that product, we would never promote a product that did not work and for the sack of making money, if the product works the money will follow, health for our clients will always come first.

In the health and wellness industry this is one of the biggest mistakes I see, the distributor does not educate themselves on the product to be sure it does what they say it does and they focus on the money that there up line had told them they could make, have you guys heard this before from a person trying to get you into their business, if you get involved in my business you will get rich quick and it is so easy to do anyone can do it, am sure most of you have heard this, my suggestion to you if someone says this, turn around and walk away those type of businesses do not last.

In our project, we educate people, we give our product away for free to people for two weeks so they can see for themselves, at the end of the two weeks we never ask for a sale, the product will sell itself we also send them to this website as part of their education.

Ray Higdon had a great blog post, he is a business coach I follow, so I took some notes for you guys hope you are ready.

Four Tips to Crush it in Health and Wellness

1. Educate more. Education is NOT telling people about your proprietary blend of twigs and berries, it is about providing education that is valuable whether they buy your thing or not. Jason Fried in his book “Rework” says “Out-Teach your Competition”. The average networker in a health and wellness does very little to zero actual education that ISN’T product specific. If you become a health and wellness authority, people will buy from you and you won’t come across as someone just pitching their product. You can educate people by following my model of “Invest, Learn, Teach” or ILT. You invest your time and possibly money to learn something (from a book, webinar, course, seminar) and then you teach from your notes and what you learned. We will get more detailed in the below points.

2. Pay Attention when checking out at the grocery line. Here is a sales and marketing secret that I have shared at different events over the years. The magazines that are at the counter at any grocery store are the highest selling magazines in the store. The reason they are the highest selling magazines are because those magazines employ good copywriting and headlines. Copywriting is the art of sales in the written form. Copywriting is one of the most highly paid skills that exists in all of marketing, our last copywriter we paid almost $20,000 for a sales page (but it has made us over one million dollars). USE THE HEADLINES IN THESE MAGAZINES. Headlines on the front of a magazine are not unique or proprietary and you can use those same headlines for your blogs and videos. Instead of coming up with titles yourself, look at the headlines they use and pick ones that are congruent with what you are offering then shoot a video sharing education around that headline. Your video views will go through the roof. Make sure you have a call to action in the video so people know to reach out to you.

3. Get your friends to support you in buying the product. Lisa Grossmann and Curtis Broome are great friends of mine and teach this strategy. Too often people get into network marketing and hammer their friends and family with becoming business builders. That isn’t natural but what IS natural is your friends and family supporting you by buying product from you, IF you position it correctly. If you were selling calendars or selling girl scout cookies you would approach your warm market and it wouldn’t be weird, they would support you. But most networkers try to turn their warm market into juggernaut million dollar seeking network marketers and for MOST people, that is a weird conversation. A simple “Hey, I am selling these products that are really helping people with X, Y and Z, can I count on you to support me and at least get a 30-60 day supply to test out to see if you like it? If you don’t like it after 30-60 days then I won’t ever bug you again about it but I do think you will love it. I need testimonials and would love to have you try these things out” I would suggest AGAINST loading them up with free samples, get them to buy your small pack or a bottle or two (whatever is appropriate).

4. Stop mentioning your company name on social media. The problem is big earners do this all the time because they have established a record of success so they don’t care who is turned off and quite frankly, they already have their business taken care of. YOU don’t have as big a following so you need to NOT raise resistance by talking about your company name but instead raise curiosity by educating people on health and wellness. When you mention your company name and you aren’t already a top earner, anyone that was interested will google it before they reach out to you and we know what happens when anyone googles anything…we are trained to look for negativity and will find the one guy in North Dakota that calls it a scam. Get them wondering what you are doing and up to and that will happen when you DON’T talk about your company name but instead talk education and benefits of your product without naming the product.

Hope you so some value in this.

Bill & Emily Mabry6A
Wellness Coach/CHS


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