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A little History about Electrolyzed reduced water and the Health Benefits it has on the Body.

November 16, 2016


Why is Electrolyzed Reduced Water a Benefit for the Health Body, and Countries that Still have it coming Neutrally out of the ground.

The power of Electrolyzed reduced water Alkalized water – Plastic bag experiment

The science behind why electrolyzed reduced water with molecular hydrogen H2 in it, works so well to lose that unwanted body fat.

In Japan, research on functional water, especially on reduced water, is developing at a rapid pace. Reduced water such as electrochemically reduced water and natural reduced water can scavenge reactive oxygen species in cultured cells. Reduced waters are expected to have preventive and positive effects on oxidative stress-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arteriosclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases, and side effects of hemodialysis. It has been suggested that the active agents in reduced water are hydrogen (atoms and molecules), mineral nanoparticles, and mineral nanoparticle hydrides.

Electrochemically reduced water is beneficial for health

In the field of food science and technology, water is an important ingredient influencing taste, rheology and preservation of foods.

Research on functional foods is currently popular; however, it is not yet well known that drinking water also has physiological functions, and that there are some health-beneficial effects of water (Shirahata, 2002, 2004). In the past decade, the decrease in the quality of tap water because of pollution of the global environment over time has become a major social problem. Air pollution affects water in soils, rivers, and farm products by acid rain. Chemicals in polluted water are considered to generate oxidative stress in the placenta of pregnant women, and this can cause various types of diseases in newborns (Obolenskaya et al., 2010).

Functional water is activated water exhibiting specific functions. There are many activation methods such as electrolysis, treatment with a magnetic field, light irradiation, ultrasonication, bubbling with gases, strong water flow and collision, and treatment with some types of minerals or rocks. Functional water is defined by The Functional Water Association of Japan as water in which both treatment and function have been scientifically demonstrated or reproducible useful functions have been demonstrated among artificially treated waters. Among functional waters, electrolyzed water has been mostly investigated. Electrochemically reduced water (ERW) is produced near a cathode and electrochemically oxidized water (EOW) is produced near an anode. Potable ERW is a health-beneficial water as discussed here. EOW is also termed electrolyzed acidic water and is functional water exhibiting a sterilizing action, mainly due to hypochlorous acid, chlorine gas, and ozone.

Potable ERW (pH 8e10) is popular as a healthbeneficial water in Japan. ERW is also termed alkaline electrolyzed water, alkali-ionic water, alkaline cathodic water, and alkaline ionized water, based on its physicochemical and physiological aspects. ERW exhibits an alkaline pH, is hydrogen molecule-rich, and has a negative oxidationereduction potential (ORP) and reactive oxygen species (ROS)-scavenging activity (Shirahata et al., 2007). Studies on the functions of ERW were initiated in Japan in 1931, and its application to agriculture was first attempted in 1954. In 1960, it was applied to medical care as a health-beneficial water, and in 1966, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan admitted that ERW was effective for chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation, antacid, and hyperacidity, and it authorized an ERW-producing device for home-use (see the homepage of the Association of Alkaline Ionized Water Apparatus: html). In 1994, to mainly promote electrolyzed water use in society, the Functional Water Foundation was established with the support of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan. Hayakawa (1999) reported that rats administrated alkali-ionic water for 8 weeks exhibited a significantly lower amount of total short chain fatty acids in the appendix than that in control rats; however, alkaliionic water did not affect the flora of intestinal bacteria. Rats administrated ERW of pH 10 had a more negative ORP in the intestine than that in control rats. A doubleblind placebo-controlled study on the effects of alkaliionized water was performed using subjects who had abdominal symptoms such as pyrosis, dysphoria, abdominal distension, chronic diarrhea, and constipation from January 1996 to January 1999. The placebo o control water was purified water obtained from tap water using an activated charcoal filter, which was then electrolyzed to obtain alkali-ionized water. The number of patients was 84 in the alkali-ionized water group and 79 in the purified water group. The patients drank at least 0.5 L of alkali-ionized water of pH 9.5 or purified water per day for 2 weeks. The results showed that alkali-ionized water significantly improved the abdominal complaints. In particular, chronic diarrhea patients who drank alkali-ionized water showed a significantly higher improvement efficacy of 94.1% compared with those who drank purified water (64.7%) (Tashiro, Kitahora, Fujiyama, & Banba, 2000). When the Drugs, Cosmetics and Medical Instruments Act of Japan was revised in 2005, a device for preparation of ERW was re-authorized based on considerable scientific evidence as a home managed medical device. The purpose of use was recognized to generate potable alkaline electrolyzed water for the improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms. The Japanese Society for Functional Water was established in 2001, and active studies on various functional waters including ERW have been performed to date.

There are still countries in the world that have electrolyzed reduced water coming out of the ground, the people that drink it daily are known to be one of the healthiest people on the planet.

Countries that have electrolyzed reduced water.


Videos showing the benefits of drinking alkalized reduced water with active hydrogen

The benefits of molecular hydrogen H2 alkalized water(active hydrogen) Mexico well

Active hydrogen electrolyzed reduced water) found around the world by Dr. Patrick

The simple truth about water

How does electrolyzed reduced water work short video

For more information or you would like to try the water for free for two weeks you can contact us.

Bill & Emily Mabry6A
Wellness Coach/CHS


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