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Tips on Engaging Inactive Team Members

November 10, 2016


Tips on Engaging Inactive Team Members

How do you get inactive team members doing something?

In the below video I shared my story of building the company I became the number one income earner in, you may want to watch it but here are some of my MLM tips around team building.

There are two suggestions to re-energize team members. Neither of these are 100% guaranteed. One, be the example. You need to be the example. So many people are looking for how do I lifeguard my teammates into being better? How do I get them doing stuff? I did the hard work of recruiting them, right?

You need to be the example. Be the example of being the best prospector. Be the person that hits the most numbers. Be the person that talks to the most people. Be the person that gets the most rejection. Be the person that’s at every single event. Be the person that cannot be out recruited, because you’re talking to more people. If someone’s a better closer than you, than talk to ten times more people. Do more activity than anyone in your team. Be the example. That’s my suggestion.

Number two, the best thing you can do for your existing team … Ready for this? Is to build a new one, is to show them what’s possible. Show them that you’re doing the thing you wish they were doing. Go out there and build whole new team.

Start recognizing people your team has never heard of, “Hey congrats to Jerome. Way to go Jerome.” Your existing team’s like, “Jerome? Who’s he talking about, Jerome?” Bring in new people. Start recognizing those new people. Have your old team think, “Oh God, I remember when he/she used to come around and spend time with us. Now he’s got this new fancy team. Man, how do we get them back?”

Inspire them. Be the person that out works them, that out prospects them, that out shows up, that outlasts, that out does everything, right? Do it. Be the example. Show them how it’s done. Build that new team through that effort. That will never 100% re-energize everyone, but it’ll re-energize the right ones. That’s what you’re really looking to do.

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