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Recognized Authority When Doing Social Media

November 9, 2016


Recognized Authority When Doing Social Media

The #1 reason you might be struggling to succeed in your business is because you’re not yet a fully recognized authority.

You see, you could be doing all kinds of things right, but you’ll still struggle to reach your Branded Blogs goals without being a recognized authority.

But once you have authority, it’s like putting high-octane fuel in your marketing gas tank. Suddenly, you’ll be accelerating faster and achieving results easier than ever.

It’s a classic example of the 80/20 rule. Twenty percent of the people in your network marketing company have all the authority and collect 80% of the sales (or more).

The other 80% of the people in your company DON’T have authority, and they’re all fighting over the remaining 20% of the sales.

(And actually it might be skewed even more than this.)

All of this begs the question:

HOW exactly do you get to the place where YOU are a recognized authority?

Well, here’s the good news:
• You don’t have to write a book.
• You don’t have to organize and host events.
• You don’t have to speak on stage or speak in front of anybody (if you don’t want to).
In fact, you can achieve authority status in your business without ever leaving your house.

Here some tips:

Tip 1- Branded Blog- The blog needs to be branding you not company, do not put the company name on your blog the first thing someone will do is go to google and type in your company and something negative will come up. For example, on my blog I have Wellness Coach or Health and Fitness you get the picture, right.

Why is a branded blog so important you asked, am glad you asked that, this is how you are going to get leads and add emails to your email list.

How do I attract people to my branded blog so I am an authority in my project, great question? By blogging educational information, the content of your blog must have value toward your target market so they are attracted to you.

The content needs to be something that may solve a problem they have, like for me as a wellness coach I write a blog on 3 ways to lose weight, how drinking kombucha will help you lose weight, or how to heal a leaky gut, you see what I mean, you are solving someone’s issues they will follow you because they want to hear more, you are now becoming the authority.

Tip 2-Focus on your target market, you need to figure out your target market, those are the people you want to attract.

I am a wellness coach why would I send a blog about losing weight to a bunch or realtors, I wouldn’t.

Tip 3- To be the authority you must have value in your content when you do a blog or video or Facebook live, you to have something that is helping someone that may have an issue, maybe they need to know why people are not liking their post, doing a training video on why aren’t people liking my post how do I attract people to like my post you see what we are doing we are solving that person’s problem, be the teacher.

Tip 4- Start doing video’s and Live facebook this will help you get more leads and emails over time, again you must grate value in your content to be recognized as an authority. Do 1 video every day for 90 days see what happens, make them short and right to the point.

Hope you saw some value in this

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/CHS
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