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4 Tips to Get New Reps Started

November 7, 2016


4 Tips to Get New Reps Started

They are all about managing and retaining new people into your team for the long term and NOT turning them off. Have you ever recruited someone just to have them quit within a day or so or recruited someone and they simply disappear right away and stop returning your calls? Chances are if that is the case, you broke some of the rules.

The idea is to find the right person that will stay in your team long term. Also, understand that sometimes you may have someone who loves your product and wants to do the business and even start to do the business, then 6 to 8 month into it they fall away, life does get in the way sometimes, that person still loves using the product, they do not feel they have the time right now to do the business, that’s ok they may come back 6 month to a year later be patient with them keep them on your email list, keep sending them your training videos and blogs most likely they are watching you, you want to be there when they are ready to come back.
Don’t pressure them just stay Intouch with them keep sending them information, I have had people come back 3 years later and now they are one of my top leaders, you never know.

This first tip is to be used before your prospect even joins your team.

Tip 1

Ask them these questions

Find out what their expectations are, this will tell you a lot- if the say to make money quick and get rich, you might want to reevaluate if you want them on your team. If they say I want something long term and it is a legit business, this is the kind of answer you want.

How much time do they want to commit to the business.

How many hours a week do they want to commit to growing their business.

Remember you want someone who will take the time to build their business, you do not want a high maintenance person, you do not have time for that.

Tip 2

Find out their goals and level of aggressiveness- this will give you a good idea on how big there WHY is.

Be patient with them if they want to go into this slowly, this is ok.

Some may take a year that’s ok.

Tip 3

Teach to teach

Teach them to look at other areas to get answer, don’t just be the person they come to for questions they want answers for, teach them to go to the company web site or online, give them other leaders contact info, have them start doing presentations etc, once they learn to do this they will teach their new leaders to do the same thing.

Tip 4

Push them to go to events- almost every successful leader has said, you get your new business builder to a company event and trainings you will build a successful business, know this to be true.

A good example of a company that has stood the test of time for over 4 decades.

I hope you saw some value in this please msg me with any questions by going to

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A
Wellness Coach/CHS
Business Coach


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