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7 Ways To Stay Focused in your Home Base business.

October 26, 2016


7 Ways To Stay Focused in your Home Base business.

Great training advice from Ray Higdon

Staying focused for me has always been something I have been good at, but for most new people who start a Home Base Business this is very difficult.

Today in Ray Higdon training he gave us some tips on how to stay focused I want to pass them off to you.

Why am I able to stay focused, My Vision is Bigger, then My Ability to be Distracted…?

1. Remember “Why you Started” your Why needs to be BIG.
2. Understand the Alternatives- Do you want to go back to Struggling.
3. Notice who is watching- always be honest and ethical in what you say to people.
4. Have a Base line of Work, that you do Every Day- Be Active in your Business Daily.
5. Not “Feeling Like It” Isn’t an Excuse- Do Something Active in your Business Anyway.
6. Plug into Your Community, Up line, Mentor or Coach-Go to meeting and Trainings.
7. Stop Comparing yourself with Others- Be You, People will Join you because of how you are.

There you go, follow these Tips and see what happens.

Bill & Emily Mabry
Wellness Coach/CHS


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  1. Great inspiration to read your blog. Will check back

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