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What makes you think your Oncologist is telling you the Truth About your Cancer?

October 11, 2016


Cancer awareness month is a scam

Most Oncologist have an agenda on why they want you to do chemo and radiation, if they didn’t they would never let you do western cancer treatment.

At the turn of the last century in 1900, less then 1% of the population got cancer. As more toxic drugs and junk foods were added to our lives, cancer slowly increased to 20% of our population.

“Cancer rates have now skyrocketed to affect 42% of our nation. It is estimated that more than fifty out of every 100 persons will soon be in danger of contracting the deadly disease. This figure can easily change for the worst. It does not seem like the cancer research team is working to well.

According to Progressive Medical Center orthodox medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have manipulated statistics to create the appearance of progress, while continually tapping into the wallets of cancer patients who blindly follow their doctor’s orders. Dr. Agolli and Sorge say it is time to put an end to that cruel practice. states. “The majority of cancer research money-about 99%-goes to pay for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer (chemo, radiation, and drugs), while less than 1% goes to prevention. The health industry spends millions of dollars advertising to convince us that they are on our side, working to “cure” cancer.

Dr. E. Clarence Rice, director of children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C, asked “does it make sense to take a sick, debilitated person and saturate them with one of the most toxic substances known to medicine and expect them to get better? “Few ask, “What are the alternatives?”

The cure for cancer has be known for decades, American medicine does not want you to know about that.

Great article about the cure for cancer told by The Truth About Cancer.

What Your Oncologist Isn’t Telling You About Chemotherapy and Radiation

With all the research money being donated why is cancer still on the rise why are we still one of the sickest countries in the world and why is Japan one of the healthiest countries, maybe we should send are doctors to Japan, that might not be a good idea we may learn how to cure cancer and the medical industry will go broke.

For those of you that seem to think your oncologist is trying to help you, why isn’t he telling you about this?

Although chemotherapy kills most cells in a tumour, it is believed to leave tumour stem cells behind, which might be an important mechanism of resistance

The New England Journal of Medicine

Our results lead us to conclude that the routine practice of administering several cycles of conventional induction chemotherapy followed by a single course of high-dose chemotherapy and stem-cell rescue cannot be recommended for women with metastatic breast cancer. Alternative strategies to improve the results of this therapy are being evaluated and include efforts to minimize the development of resistance to chemotherapy during induction chemotherapy; attempts to improve the processing and purging of stem cells; post-transplantation chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and immune modulation to eliminate minimal residual disease; and the use of multiple cycles of dose-intensive therapy. These and other approaches should be investigated in well-designed trials to improve the treatment options and outlook for patients with metastatic breast cancer.

The fact that a small population of these breast cancer stem-like cells survives chemotherapy is consistent with the notion that the surviving tumorigenic cells are responsible for the 40% recurrence rate of invasive breast cancer.

Breast cancer and many other cancers are resistance to chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
recent work in several different cancers has suggested the CSC population as a source of chemotherapy and radiation-therapy resistance within tumors. Work in glioblastoma and breast cancers supports the idea that CSCs may possess innate resistance mechanisms against radiation- and chemotherapy-induced cancer cell death, allowing them to survive and initiate tumor recurrence.

These are just a few scientific case studies, shouldn’t you be asking your oncologist to explain this to you?

There is a cure for cancer it has been known for decades, the right type of water that is contaminate free electrolyzed reduced water a very powerful antioxidant and organic fresh fruits and vegetables and many spices, along with holistic treatments.

Do your own research you will learn the truth?

Killing cancer not People Bob Wright

Chemotherapy Doesn’t Work 97% Of The Time

Bill & Emily Mabry
Wellness Coach/Hydration Specialist


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