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How Important is Detoxifying the Body Daily for True Health

October 5, 2016


How Important is Detoxifying the Body Daily for True Health and to help lose that unwanted body fat.

The health professionals do not spend enough time on how important detoxifying the body is daily for true health, this is the first thing you have to do to the body to even think about trying to cure a degenerative disease like caner or any medical issue.

The Holistic cancer clinics in Mexico have a very high rate of survival when fighting cancer, was is that? They detox their patient first. You have to get the poison out of the system first before the immune system can start to fight the infected area, how does that not make since.

We live in a world filled with chemicals. They are in our water, in our air, and in nearly everything we touch. Too many of us bathe and shampoo with products laced with chemicals, then use chemical laden products to shave, to smell good, to soften our skin, to treat our blemishes, and more. Our skin soaks up these chemicals every day.

We pick up parasites from our food and our surroundings that take up residence in our bodies. Our bodies store mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

All of these foreign materials tax our body’s resources and interfere with optimum health. The purpose of a detox is to cleanse the body of these foreign substances along with accumulated waste in order to optimize healthy bodily functions and healing.

We’ve been taught to regard our brain as the center of our universe. It would be more accurate to give this place of honor to our gut. If our gut is not working well, we do not assimilate vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates or proteins. The focus of a detox is to clean up the gut first, and follow with cleaning out the storage bins (stored fat), the organs, the blood and the lymph.

Cleaning out the gut involves moving out debris while giving the body maximum nutrition that does not require the digestive system to do a lot of work. At the same time, we want to fill our gut with prebiotics, probiotics, and easy to digest foods. This is the reason detox plans ask you to eliminate animal protein (or most animal protein) during a detox. It is hard to digest.

Out with the bad, in with the good

For an optimum detox, we want to ensure our body is not overburdened during the process. This means focusing on easily digested foods and drinking copious amounts of electrolyzed reduced water with active hydrogen a very powerful antioxidant.

Now that you have read the first part can you see why it would make sense to be detoxifying daily and how detoxifying every 6 months to a year will never work. The environment is so toxic you have to be doing something that will detoxify you daily the easiest and fastest way to do that is by drinking electrolyzed reduced water at least 1 gallon per day.

Why does electrolyzed reduced water work so well?

Because of the structure of the water, it has the ability to hydrate your trillion plus cells at the cellular level, the water goes through an electrolysis process, it changes the water molecule structure to the smallest molecule in existence it is also the most powerful antioxidant (H2) on the planet. Two science researchers won the Noble Prize around 2003, they discovered that each of our trillion plus cells have small water channels to let water molecules in, they enter in a single file like the pictures shows, during the electrolysis process of hydrogen rich water the water molecules structure from your city water has been changed so it can enter through the cell wall and hydrate the cells it also will flush out the build up of toxic waste you are consuming daily, as you can see in the picture bottle water, city water, tap water, sports drinks, sodas, those so called alkaline waters you buy at health foods stores in plastic bottle are in large water molecules, to big to hydrate the cells at the cellular level. Most of your health professionals will not know about including your doctor, the information is so new most doctors no nothing about this they have very little education in alternative medicine most of their education is based on prescribing drugs.

I will say it one more time,because of the structure of hydrogen rich water it will penetrate the cell walls more efficiently and flush out the stored up toxins in your cells and organs and naturalize the free radicals.

Each glass you drink you are drinking a very powerful antioxidant (H2) that helps to build your immune system, that is how you are able to fight degenerative diseases like cancer, that is why we recommend you drink 1 gallon per day because or environment is so toxic we need to bombarded the body with antioxidants.
How to help your body successfully detox

For those who want to do it right it is very simple if you choose to do this long term and have a healthy lifestyle free from degenerative diseases.

Drink a min of 1 gallon of electrolyzed reduced water per day and go onto a whole food plant base diet, the food has to be toxic free see video on how we clean our organic foods. Msg us we will give you hydrogen rich water for free for two weeks so you can see for yourself no obligation, what do you have to loss it’s free and just water.

If you follow this protocol you will most likely lose weight isn’t that a good thing.

Strong 11.5 hydrogen rich water removes pesticides from our foods/organic K8

Scientific case studies on Electrolyzed reduced water for detoxifying the body.

Bill & Emily Mabry
Wellness Coach/Strength & Conditioning Coach
Hydration Specialist CMHS

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