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How to Build a Successful Home Base Business, be the (authority) in your niche.

September 19, 2016



How to Build a Successful Home Base Business, be the (authority) in your niche.

5 Steps to becoming an Authority online (Home Base Business)

Here you have some great tips by Ray Higdon at

1. Have a Vision
Who do you want to become?
How do you want to be known?
Stop focusing on the money you need – instead focus on who you want to become, and that person will get paid a LOT.
See yourself in a better position without justifying where you are.
Justifying where you are is a negative vibration which will only lead to more negativity, which is why it is necessary to focus on where you are going.

2. Immerse Yourself
Invest – the leaders spend tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on training. Set aside a certain percentage of your income every month for training – program books, seminars, etc.
By learning more, you are helping yourself to help others – you have more to give to your audience.

3. Create Content (with Authority)
Teach immediately – it’s the fastest way to become an authority.
Learn so you can teach – don’t hoard the information – share it.
You create your platform of value by investing in your education.
Blogging is the best platform: you can craft your message in your blog and your blog is the hub of your business. Your other marketing avenues lead back to your hub like spokes on a wheel.
Authorities have a platform that they control – and you control your blog. You own it.

4. Build and Serve Your Audience
Present yourself where you are celebrated, not just tolerated.
Mr. Higdon recommends emailing daily. If someone complains, unsubscribe them because you are not celebrated in that person’s realm. There are more people who are looking for information than people who have information to give.
Create a video or podcast daily and blog often – several times per week.
You MUST learn to generate leads daily.
Serve these leads with solutions to their problems. Help them. Teach what you are learning.
Engage your audience by developing rapport with them.
Most clients will be attracted to you – you don’t have to chase after them.
ILT – Invest, learn, teach. Mr. Higdon teaches this concept through his ILT Progam.

5. Monetize Your Business
High profits are to be made in this business.
Your audience is happy if you follow the above steps.

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