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“Let There Be No Doubt: Cow’s Milk Protein Is an Exceptionally Potent Cancer Promoter”

September 18, 2016


“Let There Be No Doubt: Cow’s Milk Protein Is an Exceptionally Potent Cancer Promoter”

Casein (87% protein of cow’s milk) is a Carcinogen (cancer causing). Really?
One of the most extensive research ever done on nutrition was by Colin Campbell, what he discovered about dairy products and animal protein was even a surprise to him listen to what he has to say.

Understand 87% of milk is casein.

Researchers were finding that high protein intake, in excess of the amount needed for growth, promotes cancer. Like flipping a light switch on and off, we could control cancer promotion merely by changing levels of protein.

The effects of protein feeding on tumor development were nothing less than spectacular. … [In one experiment] all animals that were administered [the carcinogen] aflatoxin and fed the regular 20% levels of casein either were dead or near death from liver tumors at 100 weeks. All animals administered the same level of aflatoxin but fed the low 5% protein diet were alive, active and thrifty, with sleek hair coats at 100 weeks. This was a virtual 100 to 0 score, something almost never seen in research.”

Colin Campbell states: Topic #1 – Casein is a Carcinogen. Really?

Many people have heard me say, “Casein [the main protein of cow’s milk] is the most relevant chemical carcinogen ever identified.” Guilty, as charged. Many times I’ve said this. For the sake of this discussion, let’s call it an hypothesis, that is, “Casein causes cancer”.

How can the most revered of all nutrients increase the most feared of all diseases?

But it’s true. In my laboratory research conducted over a quarter century, funded by taxpayer dollars with findings published in the very best journals, we studied this effect in many ways at a most fundamental, cellular and sub-cellular level as much research as for any other chemical deemed to be a carcinogen. Science when done right means that a hypothesis should be falsifiable, meaning it should be possible to prove it wrong. Otherwise, such views are dreamlike. Personally, I had to have structure to our research both to seek continued funding for our research and to legitimately question assumptions of generations of my family before me. I grew up milking cows for a living and drinking all the milk I could gulp.

I would never have dreamed that our results up to this point would be so incredibly consistent, biologically plausible and statistically significant.
Let there be no doubt: cow’s milk protein is an exceptionally potent cancer promoter.

He was criticized for not discussing aspects of cow’s milk and other animal foods which could confound the relationship between animal protein and cancer. Here’s an excerpt from an article by Campbell addressing this concern:

“The adverse effects of animal protein, as illustrated in our laboratory by the effects of casein, are related to their amino acid composition, not to the effects of pasteurization, homogenization, or of the presence of hormones, pesticides, etc. Even though pasteurization and homogenization may cause slight changes in the physical characteristics of proteins, I know of no evidence where amino acid contents are altered by these treatments. This is important because it shows that there will be no difference in the biological effects of animal based protein from grass-fed or feed lot fed animals. Moreover, the casein that we used in our extensive experiments was before hormones were introduced and before factory farming became the norm, thus it mostly represented animals that were grass fed.”

T. Colin Campbell, PhD: Link Between Dairy Protein, Casein, & Cancer-Short version

Animal Protein — Meat and Dairy — Cause Cancer
Full Presentation

Conclusion- If you are taking supplements with whey protein (casein)

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  1. What about fermented milk products ? Yogurt, kefir, cheese

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    Keine Milchprodukte .

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