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How important is the right type of water? You can’t live without

September 18, 2016


How important is the right type of water?

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Life cannot exist without water. We must constantly be adding fresh water that is CONTAMINTE FREE to our body in order to keep it properly hydrated. Water can be a miracle cure for many common ailments such as headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and much more. We can go for weeks without food, but only 3 days without water!


STOP, think about this look at your body you are 75 to 80% water do you think maybe you should putting in your body water that is not pullulated with toxic chemicals.
Water makes up nearly 85 percent of your brain, about 80 percent of your blood and about 70 percent of your lean muscle. (Because there are a lot of tissues that have less water, the average is about 50 percent.).


It is difficult for the body to get water from any other source than water itself. Soft drinks and alcohol steal tremendous amounts of water from the body. Other beverages such as coffee and tea are diuretics therefore stealing precious water from the body. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated because they think they are getting water from the Gatorade, sports drinks, sodas, tea/coffee, etc., you are not! You have to get your water from water that has nutritional value to it, it has to have active hydrogen a very powerful antioxidant and the simplest way to get is by drink electrolyzed reduced water.

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Hey guys this is a big one, understand if you are drinking bottle water, tap water, those so called alkaline waters at a health food store, you are drinking poison they are in plastic the toxic chemicals from the plastic is leaching into your water, and besides the water they are putting in there is toxic chemicals.
If the water is toxic it will not transport nutrients and enzymes to your trillion cells.

Water is essential for proper digestion, nutrient absorption and chemical reactions. The carbohydrates and proteins that our bodies use as food are metabolized and transported by water in the bloodstream. No less important is the ability of water to transport waste material out of our bodies.

Why are most Americans acidic, acidosis is the root cause of most diseases? You are drinking water that will not flush out the toxic waste at the cellular level.


Water is essential for proper circulation in the body. The levels of oxygen in the bloodstream are greater when the body is well hydrated. The more oxygen the body has readily available the more fat it will burn for energy without the presence of oxygen the body cannot utilize stored fat for energy efficiently. Not only will the body burn more fat when well hydrated but because there are increased oxygen levels you will also have more energy.


This a big one, Water helps remove toxins from the body, in particular from the digestive tract. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat. Studies have shown that a decrease in water intake will cause fat deposits to increase, while an increase in water intake can actually reduce fat deposits. If you are acidic your body will store the acidic crystals in fat cells the more acidic you are the fatter you get, look around at all the overweight people in our nation eating the western diet, look at all the overweight kids that should be a sign of something wrong.


Water regulates the body’s cooling system. Sports drinks are useful when consumed after or during vigorous and prolonged exercise in high heat. But most experts agree that water works better than carbohydrates or sugared beverages for moderate exercise. For instance, if you drink 12 ounces of plain water, your body will absorb 8 ounces of it within 15 minutes.


Consistent failure to drink enough water can lead to Chronic Cellular Dehydration. This condition where the body’s cell are never quite hydrated enough leave them in a weakened state, vulnerable to attack from disease. It weakens the body’s overall immune system and leads to chemical, nutritional and pH imbalances that can cause a host of diseases.


Dehydration can occur at any time of the year, not only during the summer months when it is hot. The dryness that occurs during winter can dehydrate the body even quicker than when it is hot.

When you are dehydrated you tend to eat more.

General Rule: Due to the fact that everybody is different the rule we often hear about drinking 8-8oz. Of water per day can be misleading. We need to drink half our body weight in ounces of water every day, for the best results 1 oz per pound of body weight my wife and I drink 1.5 gal per day and take ¼ tsp of real sea salt per quart, this will provide the body with its MINIMUM water replacement requirements.

Conclusion: after reading this why are you so concerned about your diet you need to change your mind set, if your body is 75 to 80% water, your brain is 80% water, your blood is 90% water, and your kidneys are 82% water, listen, your kidneys help regulate the ph of the body if you are dehydrated for a long period of time your kidneys have to work harder and over time you may start having kidney failure. Food is only 20% the rest is water fix that first then work on your diet, you have to go on a whole food plant base diet to change you from being acidic to more alkaline then you will be living a healthy life style, there is no short cuts SORR

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Bill & Emily Mabry
Wellness Coach/Strength & Conditioning Coach
MHS certified
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