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How to build a successful Home Base Business (STOP TALKING).

September 8, 2016


How to build a successful Home Base Business (STOP TALKING).

A Home Base Business is not about perfecting your presentation. The best advice is to stop talking too much. If you have been asked if what you are offering them is a Home Base Business (network marketing), don’t be a coward to admit that it is. What’s wrong with being a network marketer? If your aim is to have a great lifestyle, this is the best career for you so why you get so scared to say yes?

You know you are afraid when you are being defensive and you try to explain even if it is not necessary. Your prospects can sense your anxiety and when you are not confident, they will feel that it is not right and will turn you down. Don’t make unnecessary explanations and be brief with your answers.

Reasons why you should stop talking too much in network marketing recruiting:

1. By talking less, you can have more time to talk to more people.

2. By not talking too much, your prospect can easily grasp what you are saying and feel that they can do that as well. When it’s too complicated, they would feel that they can’t do the same explanation as you do.

3. If your prospect turns you down, you will not feel that bad because you haven’t spent too much time on that person.

Talk too much…

Stop talking! Talking to much is one of the biggest MLM mistakes! Master the art of the pause. Use the systems already in place to do the talking for you. It doesn’t matter much who you are – or who you think you are – systems put in place without all of the pressure of the sale, without all the pressure of sitting in front of a prospect – that will win far more often than not. Accept the fact that you don’t have all the answers. In fact, you may simply turn your prospect away by flubbing your way through partial truths. Please, stop talking!

You need to understand this

Make your opportunity sound too good to be true or too easy…

Facts are facts, if network marketing – like anything else – were so easy, everyone would be doing it and everyone would be knocking the cover off the ball. Network marketing isn’t for everyone. It’s not always easy. It takes hard work and perseverance. Do you only want to bring people into your team who decided to join because it’s easy or do you want people who will work hard to become successful? Network marketing concepts and principles are simple, but not easy.

Most Home Base Business companies have a company link that explains the product, give them the link let the link do the the work keep your mouth shut.

Be sure to ask for their email so you can send them the link and you promise you will send it to them ask them when can they watch video and always follow up to see if they saw it and answer questions they have. The follow is where most business builders fail, you have to learn how to always follow if you want to build a successful Home Base Business.

Video Stop Talking

I hope you saw some value in this you can go to my and get a free Ebook.

Bill & Emily Mabry 6A


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