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Bill’s golden nugget on how to lose weight (body fat) by mini fasting

September 4, 2016

mini fasting

Bill’s golden nugget on how to lose weight (body fat) by mini fasting

The raw food world says According to a recent study conducted by experts from the University of Manchester, It’s referred to as “mini fasting” and thought to be a beneficial way to improve health and lose weight.

Loss of body fat, improved memory and immunity during mini fasting.

They ultimately discovered that when overweight women engaged in this plan, they lost more weight and body fat while also making improvements in their insulin resistance than women who limited their calories all seven days of the week.

The study, titled “The effect of intermittent energy and carbohydrate restriction v. daily energy restriction on weight loss and metabolic disease risk markers in overweight women,” was published in The British Journal of Nutrition. It’s notes

Intermittent energy restriction may result in greater improvements in insulin sensitivity and weight control than daily energy restriction (DER). We tested two intermittent energy and carbohydrate restriction (IECR) regimens, including one which allowed ad libitum protein and fat (IECR+PF). During the weight maintenance phase, 1 d of IECR or IECR+PF per week maintained the reductions in insulin resistance and weight. In the short term, IECR is superior to DER with respect to improved insulin sensitivity and body fat reduction.

The authors also conclude that such minifasting also helps to improve memory and even may boost immunity.
Experts say that there are many reasons as to why fasting in this manner is effective.

Mark Mattson, who is a researcher at the National Institute of Aging, explains that the benefits of going without food are plentiful. He says that going without eating tells the body to use up stored glucose and in turn, burn fat. While this may appear to have weight loss benefits, he also says that there may be brain health benefits associated with this dietary lifestyle that involves learning and memory improvements, and it’s something he continues to study.(1)

When mini fasting, fat often coverts to compounds known as ketones. This, he says has “…beneficial effects in making neurons more resistant to injury and disease.
Mini Fasting more natural for the body, modern way of eating abnormal

This article states:

The most common eating pattern in modern societies, three meals plus snacks every day, is abnormal from an evolutionary perspective. Emerging findings from studies of animal models and human subjects suggest that intermittent energy restriction periods of as little as 16 h can improve health indicators and counteract disease processes. The mechanisms involve a metabolic shift to fat metabolism and ketone production, and stimulation of adaptive cellular stress responses that prevent and repair molecular damage.

By Dr. Mercola

The types and quality of food you eat influences more than how much you weigh. Food has an effect on your metabolism, insulin production, leptin release and a myriad of other hormonal and chemical balances.

Scientists are also examining the way mini fasting affects cellular and mitochondrial function, and longevity.

They’ve found the cells in your body react to mini fasting in much the same way as they do to exercise. In other words, when placed under stress — be it exercise or mini fasting–the reaction creates changes at the cellular level that helps extend your lifespan.1

For starters,mini fasting shifts your body from using glucose as its primary fuel to fat, and being an efficient fat-burner benefits your health beyond weight loss.
Although much of the research is on mini fasting, the newer term is sometimes referred to as TRF (Time Restricted Feeding) which promotes eating in a narrow window of time, typically 6-8 hours.

Efficient Fat Burning Promotes Health

Fat is a far cleaner burning fuel than carbohydrates and generates far less free radicals, Glucose is an inherently “dirty” fuel as it generates far more reactive oxygen species (ROS) than fat. But to burn fat, your cells must be healthy and normal. Cancer cells, for example, cannot burn fat, and this why a healthy high fat diet appears to be such an effective anti-cancer strategy.

We’re now starting to realize that mitochondrial dysfunction is at the core of virtually all diseases, and nutritional intervention — not only what you eat, but also when, and how often — is of key importance.

To summarize, mitochondrial health is promoted by eating real food; avoiding food at least 3 hours before bedtime; and mini fasting.

And now a team of researchers from the University of Southern California believe they have discovered yet another benefit: The regeneration of stem cells.2

During the initial 14-16 hours of not eating, your body burns through almost all of your carb (glycogen) stores in your muscles and liver. Once those glycogen stores have been depleted, your body turns to fat stores for energy. mini fasting teaches your body to efficiently burn fat for fuel, and you will then start burning off your body fat (weight).

Dr. Hiromi Shinya one of the founders of the colonoscopy and one of the top five cancer doctors in the world talks about the benefits of mini fasting in his book The Rejuvenation Enzyme he also talks about how important drinking electrolyzed reduced water is for fighting degenerative diseases like cancer, he has been using electrolyzed reduced water on his patients for decades.

Doctor Shynia

My wife and I have been doing this for the last four years, we are baby boomers over 60 we work out 6 days a week and we are power lifters, we are still gaining muscle mass and strength at our age. We are always watched by people at the gym, we have had people come up to us and ask our age they are very impressed on the amount of weight we lift and how hard we train, we eat a whole food plant base diet along with drinking electrolyzed reduced water (alkalized water) that helps us on recovery after a hard training session as well keeping us from getting sore, we drink 1 gallon plus a day of electrolyzed reduced water.

Bill & Emily Mabry

Wellness coach/strength & conditioning coach

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