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Why are Most Best Selling Health Books Not Telling The Whole Story.

May 28, 2016


I wrote a blog about this a few months ago, you have these wellness authors writing books about true health, these books are be coming best sellers. Whenever someone tells me, you need to get this book it has great info on how to lose weight and how to eat right so I do I like learning, reading books like this is a great way to get new information.

The problem I have been finding in all these books, they do not tell the whole story, it is more towards their proven diet and what supplements they like to use, they do talk about how important it is to be on a whole food plant base diet. They also talk a little about how important it is to hydrate the body, it stops there, and some may talk a little more about it but only a little more, what is up with that.

Look at the picture I posted do you think maybe these best seller authors should talk more about how important water is for every day life and that not all water is the same you would think they would see this with all the news about how bad our cities water is.

Do these author not understand that we live in a toxic world, and by detoxifying every 6 months is not going to cut it, you have to have a way to detoxify daily, you are taking in free radicals that are causing us to pre-mature age and oxidizing trillions of cells daily, the base of your detoxifying has to be with electrolyzed reduced water (active hydrogen H2) followed by a whole food plant base diet this is how you detoxify your body daily and build a strong immune system to give your body any chance to survive in this toxic world.

Water should be at the start of the book and it should be told in detail, water is the essence of life, oxygen is number one water is number two food is number three that is how it should be looked at.

Without water you can not transport enzymes and nutrients to your trillion cells, every organ in the body can not work with out water, your brain your lungs your heart your blood flow your digestive system your immune system, eliminating waste, neutralizing the toxic chemicals you are consuming daily I can keep going but I think you guys get the picture. I am going to throw a curve ball here so be ready, how important is water and your lymphatic system those so-called expert authors on health just got a strike. Many experts agree “We Live and Die at the Cellular Level.” Great book called An Undetected Acid-Alkaline Imbalance by John Ossipinsky understand how our waste treatment plant works (lymphatic system) and how important the right water is you will be shocked.

The root problem with all diseases is inflammation, the root problem with inflammation is dehydration and the root problem to obesity is dehydration. The reason why this country is one of the fattest counties in the world, the American people are so overly acidic because of the western diet and the medications they are taking.

Why water is not talked about in these best selling books, one reason is because they do not know how important water is at the cellular level and they do not know about electrolyzed reduced water it is the most powerful antioxidant on this planet for true health.

The proof is in the hundreds case studies go to google scholar type in electrolyzed reduced water there is your proof, that is just a few there are many more.

A few of us wellness coaches understand that electrolyzed reduced water is the base you start with to have true health we are teaching this, the problem we are having is the research is so new that most medical professionals do not get it, the America people they also do not get it, the question we get from most people, how can water help my medical condition water is just water get the picture.

Go to you will learn not all water is the same.

The good news is more and more Universities are now teaching that the base of true health will always start with water, the question is are you drinking the right water.

University of Michigan food Pyramid

Bill & Emily Mabry


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