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Health Tip For The Baby Boomers- Can’t lose weight feel like you are going crazy (Hormones)

May 8, 2016

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Health Tip for the baby boomers- You are training hard lifting weights 3 days a week doing cardio twice a week and eating clean (hopefully) and yet the belly fat still hangs on why is that.

Now that you are at your golden years its all about hormones , you can not go to a family doctor or a regular MD to have a hormone panel done why because they will tell you your hormones are good for your age am sure some of you have heard that. Why in the world would I want the hormones of a 64 year old I want my hormones like a 30 year old, in my 30 I was a stud I want that back.

As a man if your testosterone levels are down around 264 that is not a good thing it’s not healthy, when you are that low your estradiol is high that may cause prostate issues. Men should be around 850-1000 women around 100-200 testosterone levels, that is why you need to go to a certified hormone specialist, there is not to many around after years of researching for one my wife found a great one who is certified in bio identical hormones, testosterone shots not a good why to go your hormones go up and down been there down that, you need to stay balanced at all times and the right doctor will monitor you by doing blood test.

There is a side affect to all this once you get your hormones on track first one is for you women you will like your husbands again no matter what stupid thing they say and the weight will start to come off you will start getting your cortisol hormones under control.

You still have to change the way you eat and change the type of water you are drinking it is all part of the healthy puzzle, because of how toxic our environment is younger women are starting to have hormone issues at a younger age and breast cancer is on the rise do your research you will see breast cancer and hormones have something in common, yet your oncologist will not mention this why $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

If you would like to know more about bio identical hormones msg me.

All most for got your certified hormone doctor will educate you on how important progesterone is for you women, one side affect of unbalance progesterone not sleeping well.

Bill & Emily Mabry


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