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Truth About Cancer documentary, at least give your child a fighting chance.

April 18, 2016


I am writing this to all of you out there to voice your opinion on what I am about to write, it my offend some of you put the truth will always be the truth.

We are seeing more kids getting cancer it is not getting better it is getting worse, the documentary that is being aired right now is telling the facts about The truth About Cancer (

One of the episode talks about how the government will take your child away from you if you do not follow the oncologist protocol on treating cancer with chemo and radiation, the documentary actually interviewed parents who had their children taken away from them and forced chemo and radiation treatment, true facts.

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True facts, oncologist make money on chemo treatments, oncologist know that chemo and radiation do cause cancer in other parts of the body, and the majority when asked this question, would you recommend a family member chemo or radiation treatment “NO”


What really bothers me is a parent who has a child that has cancer and do not take the time to research these facts and even take the time to watch The Truth About Cancer and see for themselves that there are alternatives to beat cancer even if your child is doing western treatment, and they chose not to because they just do not have enough time, are you kidding me.

This does not make sense, your child has cancer and you are posting pictures on facebook of that child drinking a soda or eating a candy bar, or going to a fast food place and eating processed foods just after they had chemo treatment because they were good boys and girls during chemo treatment, and science knows that these types of foods can cause cancer. Science and oncologist also knows that western treatment will never cure cancer because it will not kill stem cell cancer only the daughter cells, if you do your research you would know that.


Breast cancer and many other cancers are resistance to chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
recent work in several different cancers has suggested the CSC population as a source of chemotherapy and radiation-therapy resistance within tumors. Work in glioblastoma and breast cancers supports the idea that CSCs may possess innate resistance mechanisms against radiation- and chemotherapy-induced cancer cell death, allowing them to survive and initiate tumor recurrence.

After 48 h of treatment with chemotherapeutic agents, we observed a marked resistance of stem cells (CSCs) to all the compounds used. We then analyzed the ability of GBM stem cells to recover and proliferate following treatment with chemotherapeutic agents.

My question is who is the real bad guy when it comes to kids with cancer is it the oncologist who is making money off of chemo treatments or is it the parents who do not want to take the time to research what really will cure cancer.

I hope this opens some eyes, do your child a favor if he or she has cancer watch The Truth About Cancer documentary, at least give your child a fighting chance.

Bill & Emily Mabry


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