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Alkalized Water vs. Alkaline Water

April 17, 2016

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Learn why we say not all alkaline waters are the same.

In the last couple of days, I have had this question come up, my doctor or medical professional told me that I should not drink to much alkaline water it can cause issues, and you are saying we should be drinking 1 to 2 gal of alkalized water (electrolyzed reduced water) every day.

First most doctors or medical professionals are not educated in the molecular structure of water and how the body knows the different between alkaline water (bottle water) and alkalized water (electrolyzed reduced water).

In a sense your doctor is correct by saying you should not be drinking a lot of alkaline water, the reason for that is, alkaline water has no nutritional value (dead water) and the ones that are bottled and you are buying them at health food stores and they say they are 9.5 pH alkaline water are actually dangerous for you and your family, because they put man made minerals in the water to raise the pH up to be more alkaline, if you took an ORP meter to it to see if it has antioxidants it would measure at a positive charge which is very acidic to the body, this type of water will cause medical issues over time, if you have high blood pressure or a heart condition or kidney issues you need to stop drinking this type of water.

Alkalized water (Live water) has a negative charge to it that is what gives it the antioxidant property and that is why people feel the healing affects from drinking alkalized water (electrolyzed reduced water).

Watch this short video of a doctor explaining the difference between alkalized water and alkaline water. Then you can go back and educate your doctor, be careful though he might not take it so well just saying.

Dr. Michael difference between alkaline and alkalized water. Training video

Is your water you are drinking really good for you, check this out?

Bill & Emily Mabry


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