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Not all Alkaline Waters are The Same- Learn the Truth

April 12, 2016

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This question is asked a lot- Why is your alkaline water better then what I can buy at a health food store that also says 9.5 alkaline water? great questions.

First, you need to understand there is a big difference between alkaline water and alkalized water. Alkalized water (electrolyzed reduced water) has a negative charge to it (OH-) it is alive. Don’t let people fool you into thinking just because it has an alkaline pH to it, it will be good for you. What makes alkalized water (electrolyzed reduced water) therapeutic to the body and why so many people feel the affects from drinking it, it is all about the molecular hydrogen (H2) in each glass of water millions of H2.

Dr. Michael difference between alkaline and alkalized water. Training video

By your tap water going through electrolysis processes and a device that has enough power the medical device will produce the most powerful antioxidants in existence. You cannot buy H2 water (alkalized water) in any store unless it is coming out of the device fresh, the H2 dissipates very quickly.

The bottle alkaline water you are buying at the health food store that says 9.5 alkaline water for a ridicules price is actually unhealthy for you.

If someone ask you about your alkalized water and they say they are also drinking alkaline water that was bought at a health food store, let them know your water is different then theirs, have them go to let the video explain it.

Molecular Hydrogen scientific case studies on many degenerative diseases.

Bill & Emily Mabry


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