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When should you Drink Water

April 8, 2016

when to drinkwater

Health tip for Thursday- You have seen my post on how much water you should be drinking per day, you also know that electrolyzed reduced water is the best water for your body because of the antioxidant properties.

Let us review how much water you should be drinking per day.

Because of how bad environmental toxins are the avg American needs to drink 1 gal per day. If you exercise 2 or more times per week you need to be drinking 1.5 to 2 gal of electrolyzed reduced water, all of you should be taking ¼ tsp of Himalayan sea salt per quart of water, watch the short video on why salt is so important for your health. Stop right there, you are about to tell me, my doctor said I cannot have salt because I have a heart condition or I have high blood pressure. You are not taking table salt you are taking sea salt that has your 4 major alkaline minerals and lots of good trace minerals that your body needs to work, doctors have very little education when it comes to nutrition they only know that salt can cause issues if you have a heart issue, they are taking about salts that most Americans are taking and sodium that is in processed foods.

Dr. Joel Wailach Why you need more salt ( lack of  cause acid reflux)celic

Review the chart and follow that protocol, those of you that are having a hard time losing weight, if you have a glass (20 oz) of electrolyzed reduced water 1 hr before your main meal and do not drink any fluids with your meal, wait 1 hr after your meal then have a glass of water (20 oz) you will be very surprised on what may happen.

The water you are drinking my not be good for you check it out.

Bill & Emily Mabry


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