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Great Question, How much Water should we Drink?

April 6, 2016


This is a great question people ask, how much water should I drink?

Lets look at how much water does the body need, we cannot leave out your organs they are also part of the body and your blood.

How much water for different parts of the body

Muscles- 75% water
Brain- 80% water
Blood- 90% water
Kidneys- 83% water
Bones- 22% water
Liver- 86% water
Connective tissue- 60% water
Skin- 70% water
The number one organ that needs the most water is your lungs.

By looking at the list, you would think water is pretty important to survive right. So why don’t are medical professional educate their patients about water and how important it is to drink enough, I will let you figure that question out.

You have around 14 gals of water in your body so you need to make sure the water you are drinking is free of any containment’s like heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, toxic chemicals from waste, toxic chemicals from the plastic that your bottle water uses etc.

What most Americans do not understand is the water they are drinking is slowly poisoning them, if you are drinking bottle water, tap water, reverse osmosis water, mineral water, sodas, sports drinks you are slowly poisoning you and your family, watch this short video you will learn what I mean.

You need proof, here you go:

Medical drugs in the water*

1. Dangers of bottle water*

As you saw in the short video, you need to be replacing the water in your body with electrolytic reduced water that has the most powerful antioxidant in existence if you want to survive in this toxic environment.

As an adult you need to be drinking a min of 1 gal per day, if you exercise more then twice a week you need to be drinking at least 1.5 to 2 gals per day and add Himalayan sea salt ¼ tsp with each quart of water. If you have a major medical issue 1.5 to 2 gals per day.

My wife and I are in our sixties we train 6 days per week, our training is hard core we drink 1.5 to 2 gals of electrolyzed reduced water, we are never sore, we also fully recovered from our training, electrolyzed reduced water is our recovery drink not those expensive ones you by at health food stores or those so called recovery powder drinks.

I have had medical professionals tell me that it is way to much alkaline water to drink in one day, first of all I am not drinking alkaline water I am drinking alkalized reduced water (electrolyzed reduced water) there is a big difference between the too, alkaline water is dead water with no nutritional value and alkalize reduced water is full of antioxidants, and be sides most medical professional have very little education when it comes to water and how it hydrates you at the cellular level.

This is a good one; you should not drink alkaline water because it will neutralize your stomach acids, ok doc how about finishing the whole story, if your doctor makes a statement like this he has know Idea how the digestive system works.\

Conclusion is most Americans are not drinking enough water, and if they are, they are drinking the wrong water. Even the ones that are drinking electrolyzed reduced water still are not drinking enough water per day, Our environment is so toxic the immune system is working over time to neutralize the toxic chemicals, sometimes it gets to be to much and that is why you get diseases like cancer.

Try the water it is free

Bill & Emily Mabry


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